At Last: Population Health & Medical Management in One

Traditional population health systems focus primarily on claims data and offer little to no feedback loop to the line staff responsible for care delivery. As a result, their impact is limited at best. By contrast, the HELIOS® platform represents a fully integrated care management and population health platform. This means a far richer dataset and the opportunity for population level insights to directly support real-time workflows. Even for situations where another system is used for medical management, HELIOS® can take the broader data feeds from that system, run them through its population health analytics, and send back the next best action for each patient in the key cohorts.

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NCQA Prevalidated for Population Health Management

VirtualHealth's platform has earned the Population Health Management Prevalidation from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), demonstrating functionality that meets NCQA population health management related standards. Health plans with population health management needs can therefore be confident that HELIOS® will support their objectives with respect to maintaining or gaining NCQA accreditation.

NCQA Prevalidated for Population Health Management
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Proactively Manage Social Determinants for Your Population

Social determinants of health (SDoH) have been shown to impact as much as 80% of a person's health. HELIOS® captures social and demographic data through its broad spectrum integrations and targeted assessments, creating a unified view of each patient's physical, behavioral, and social health factors. In turn, this makes it possible to perform population and cohort level analysis across all determinants of health.

Comprehensive Analytics & Reporting Across the Entire Population

The HELIOS® platform offers a full suite of tools for data exploration, analysis and visualization. From native dashboards to filterable views to embedded business intelligence (BI) solutions to downloadable Excel reports to real-time data replication, clients can perform a complete range of population level analysis and reporting. Having data, workflows, and analytics seamlessly integrated within a single ecosystem offers healthcare organizations an unprecedented level of transparency and control over their operations.

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