Bring the HELIOS® platform in-the-field with HELIOSgo, the care management mobile app for managing population health needs on-the-go.

Care Management Mobile App

Many Medicaid and Medicare members need long-term services and supports (LTSS), home health or behavioral health care. HELIOSgo was designed with this in mind. As the mobile version of the HELIOS platform, HELIOSgo makes care management, data capture, and member assessment in the field easier and faster.

12+ Million

Managed lives through HELIOS

Up to 93%

Increase in care team efficiency

Up to 92%

Care team productivity gains

37 Million

Total interactions in HELIOS

See How HELIOSgo Works

When healthcare organizations leverage HELIOSgo, they’re able to optimize care management in the field and deliver more comprehensive care to homebound members. See all the unique features and views of HELIOSgo in this quick overview.

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How to Improve Care for Members with Medicare Who Need Long-term Services and Supports (LTSS)

Members may or may not have the coverage they need for LTSS. In fact, more than 4 in 10 community-living older adults experienced adverse consequences due to unmet LTSS needs, according to a 2021 analysis by Commonwealth Fund.

For Medicare and Medicare Advantage payers and providers, unmet LTSS needs can result in higher costs, poorer health, and suboptimal outcomes for members who need but don’t receive those services. Learn how to improve LTSS care and support in this blog.

The HELIOS Product Family

Explore the complete HELIOS product family including our esteemed care management, utilization management, data interoperability, telehealth, and mobile solutions.

Our best-in-class intuitive platform solution for care management, disease management, population health management, and more.

Advanced utilization management solution that streamlines utilization reviews, appeals, and grievances, offers automated prior authorization capabilities, improves data accuracy and confidence, and drives cost-saving efficiencies.

HELIOStext enables convenient, secure outbound text message communications to individual members directly from HELIOS or HELIOSgo, with pre-configured and customizable message templates.

Our built-in telehealth tool, HELIOSvisit enables fully secure and HIPAA-compliant video conferencing, audio calls, instant messaging, and two-way file exchange with members from a computer, smartphone, or tablet without any additional software.

With HELIOShub payers can quickly and easily make all of their data FHIR® compatible, while also simplifying their tech stack, reducing costs, and improving team efficiency and data accuracy.

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