Powerful Platform for Whole-Person Care Coordination

Enabling effective care coordination across Medicare and Medicaid populations to deliver value-based care in the right place, at the right time.

Coordinate Effectively Across Diverse Care Settings

Whole-person care is at the heart of value-based care. In turn, multi-source data aggregation, intelligent workflows, and timely communication make whole-person care possible. The HELIOS® platform offers a single centralized ecosystem to power care team collaboration as individuals transition between acute care settings, long-term facilities, and the community.

Key Features & Benefits

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Single Source of Truth

Provides transparent communication and optimized collaboration in real-time for contacts across diverse settings of care with 360-degree member views

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Multi-Source Data Aggregation

A broad set of standard and custom data integrations enables faster identification of members, including many with or at-risk-of chronic conditions and significant comorbidities

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Seamless Coordination and Collaboration

Power care team collaboration as individuals transition between acute care settings, long-term facilities, and the community

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Intelligent, Automated Workflows

Event-driven triggers coupled with real-time admission, discharge and transfer (ADT) feeds, ensure that care teams are promptly notified and tasked with the next best action

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Full-Spectrum of Clinical Sources

Integrations with the full spectrum of clinical sources, including HIEs, EMRs, ADT feeds, medical claims, pharmacy claims, authorizations and connected devices

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HIPAA-Compliant Telehealth

Maintain close interactions with individuals across every setting of care while expediting member communication and engagement with mobile apps, and built-in videoconferencing and messaging tools

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Care Coordination Workbench

Automated tasking and universal field pre-population alongside seamless integration with IVR and third-party technologies, wearables and connected devices ensure care coordinators always have the most up-to-date information and help drive productivity and efficiency

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Easy, Intuitive Navigation

All views and tools are quickly accessible in just a few clicks or less to optimize time focused care efforts and simplify onboarding and adoption

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Automated Task Generation and Case Assignment

Helps organize initial outreach and first-level assessment and reduces the administrative burden on staff members, making it possible for coordinators to prioritize patients and handle larger caseloads without sacrificing quality

Integrated Identification & Stratification Capabilities

Guide care coordinators toward high risk cases, ensuring proactive activity for the situations where it is needed most

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Smart Assessments & Interactions

Help staff focus care efforts by surfacing only relevant fields and pre-populating information wherever possible



How Does HELIOS Advance Care Coordination And Collaboration?

When an individual’s needs are identified and communicated to the right parties at the right time, the result is better care, better outcomes, and better quality of life. Read about how HELIOS advances care coordination and collaboration for any population.

Who We Support

Medicare Advantage

Purpose-built for Medicare Advantage populations to provide personalized, connected care experiences, meet regulatory requirements and maximize financial return, operational efficiency, Star Ratings, and member satisfaction.

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Designed for modern Medicaid programs, HELIOS is the acknowledged leader in Medicaid medical management platforms for supporting whole-person high-quality care, state-specific regulatory compliance, and cost controls, with a proven ROI of more than 80%.

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Health Care Plans

A single solution for everything commercial and community health plans need to provide care management, automate processes, drive operational efficiencies, and streamline enterprise initiatives.

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Health Systems

Improve value-based care benchmarks with combined aligned CM and UM to drive more efficient, effective and accurate care, reduce risk, close care caps, and eliminate inefficiencies and costly errors.

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Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)

Reach at-risk communities and members easier with advanced population health insights, SDOH criteria and tools, risk-stratification, care gap identification, disease management workflows, and more.

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Home Health Care Organizations

Empower and support care for individuals in the community with a broad range of capabilities for home health and home care management to both payers and providers, and our built-in telehealth tools.

Connect with Us

We understand that choosing medical management technologies can be a big decision. That is why we provide a highly consultative and refined approach that allows you to learn, ask questions, and identify if our HELIOS solutions are a good fit. Click below to set up time to chat with our team or to get more information about any of our HELIOS products.

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