Care management
Powering the complete
Ecosystem of care

Delivering the Future of Healthcare

Care management belongs at the center of healthcare, powering every element in its ecosystem. HELIOS is the first solution capable of seamlessly connecting all data points in the care continuum, and leveraging the workflows and analytics to make a significant impact. HELIOS provides the digital connective tissue between payers, providers, and members.

VirtualHealth is the technology company changing the face of healthcare as we bring it into the 21st century. We exist to help our clients solve some of their biggest challenges, and we partner to help them every step of the way. Our approach differentiates our solution with its adaptability, simple usability, and efficacy.

The Ecosystem

The platform integrates all relevant information into a single comprehensive data set. Business rules comb through the data to trigger key activities, while automated workflows generate tasks and alerts and route them accordingly. All information is dispersed across the care continuum and addresses every aspect of a member’s health.

The Ecosystem

Putting Members First

Imagine a world where all aspects of care are seamlessly connected around a member: one where care managers can easily communicate with coordinators, providers, third parties, and the member. Now stop imagining and enter HELIOS. The platform is built to put members into the center of their care and provides a command and control hub for your team to make real change in the lives of your members.

Care Management that Fits Like a Glove

HELIOS leverages specially built point-of-care assessments to capture intelligence regarding how behaviors respond to interventions. By overlaying this data with advanced analytics, the platform provides insights regarding the impact of interventions to optimize care and support community integration for high-risk members.

Complex Doesn’t Have to be Complicated

Complex Doesn’t Have to be Complicated

We are obsessive about delivering the most comprehensive and robust set of information about members. The platform is data agnostic, meaning we take information from any data source. But all of that complexity remains behind the scenes, leaving our users a beautiful, simple, intuitive interface with member information available within two clicks.

Our Heads are in the Clouds  And We’re Enjoying The View

Our Heads are in the Clouds and We're Enjoying the View

VirtualHealth created the first SaaS solution purpose-built for value-based care. We have been cloud-native since day one. Secure, modular SaaS delivery eases deployment and maintenance and ensures you have the latest technology solution on the market.

Quick, easy deployments with automatic updates future-proof your solution and ensure that you remain at the forefront of care management. Online and offline delivery guarantees your teams can make an impact no matter where they are.

Move away from bulky, error-prone legacy systems that have been re-cobbled and re-patched. Move to VirtualHealth’s agile environment built to live in the cloud.