No-code, real-time, plug-and-play FHIR®  transformation and interoperability. Purpose-built for the payer ecosystem. Reduce implementation timelines by 65%.

Meet HELIOShub, the First FHIR Integration Platform as a Service (FiPaaS)

HELIOShub enables payers to quickly and easily connect all of their critical data sources and convert all inbound data to formats that meet the HL7® FHIR® standard.

By combining a simple user interface and a no-code, drag-and-drop integration builder with rapid FHIR® transformation, HELIOShub can reduce implementation timelines by 65% or more.

This innovative data interoperability application provides a FHIR® store for leading implementation guides with a comprehensive library of APIs, and the ability to use out-of-the-box integrations or create your own, so importing data from common sources like EHRs, ADT feeds, and UM clinical guidelines is easy.


Faster bi-directional data delivery


 Faster implementation timelines


Reduction in development hours


Less time spent on integrations

Discover the Power of HELIOShub

Watch a quick demo of HELIOShub, VirtualHealth’s FHIR® Integration Platform as a Service (FiPaaS) designed to deliver simple CM, UM, DM, and FHIR®-compatible data across the HELIOS ecosystem and beyond.

See how your data could meet FHIR® standards and be accessible across your digital ecosystem with a quick demo.

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The HELIOS Product Family

Explore the complete HELIOS® product family including our esteemed care management, utilization management, data interoperability, telehealth, and mobile solutions.

Our best-in-class intuitive platform solution for care management, disease management, population health management, and more.

Advanced utilization management solution that streamlines utilization reviews, appeals, and grievances, offers automated prior authorization capabilities, improves data accuracy and confidence, and drives cost-saving efficiencies.

Our built-in telehealth tool, HELIOSvisit enables fully secure and HIPAA-compliant video conferencing, audio calls, instant messaging, and two-way file exchange with members from a computer, smartphone, or tablet without any additional software.

HELIOStext enables convenient, secure outbound text message communications to individual members directly from HELIOS or HELIOSgo, with pre-configured and customizable message templates.

The mobile app version of HELIOS platform, HELIOSgo is uniquely designed for easier in-the-field and on-the-go care management and coordination, and is specifically tailored for complex care management, LTSS, home health and behavioral health needs.

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