HELIOS Certified partners have the deep knowledge, skills, and expertise of the HELIOS platform to help execute client projects effectively and efficiently.

The HELIOS Certified Partner Program

The HELIOS® Certified program provides rigorous training, vetting, testing, and certification, to enable qualified partners to act as an extension of the VirtualHealth team. This program dives deep into the world of VirtualHealth technology and ensures each partner is a true subject-matter expert, capable of working with VirtualHealth to support and execute clients’ goals and objectives. HELIOS Certified is designed exclusively for our vetted partners who may work with us on HELIOS client projects.

From project management to implementations to integrations, this program ensures each partner is extremely knowledgeable about our HELIOS platform and capable of supporting VirtualHealth clients’ goals and objectives.

The HELIOS Certified Partner Difference

Enabling greater innovation and creativity at scale

HELIOS Certified partners have undergone our specialized training, vetting, and certification to ensure deep expertise in the HELIOS platform. Partners must pass a rigorous training and testing program to become certified.

Partners who have achieved the HELIOS Certified partner recognition are some of the most trusted, innovative, and strategic technology leaders in the healthcare industry. HELIOS Certified partners are part of our VirtualHealth family and may work as an embedded part of our teams to execute clients’ visions.

What Our Partners Say

“Roko Labs is thrilled to be participating in the launch of the HELIOS Certified program as their first official partner. Our team’s deep understanding of the inner workings of the entire HELIOS solutions family allows us to support the VirtualHealth team as an extension of their own product, engineering, and technology teams and perform at the high bar that VirtualHealth has set as the standard for its customers. Contributing to the HELIOS Certified program has not only strengthened our partnership with VirtualHealth but also allows us to collectively bring HELIOS solutions to more healthcare organizations around the country even faster.”

Dmitry Rakovitsky, CEO and Co-Founder

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