The first platform purpose built for value-based care, HELIOS® is an integrated care management, disease management and utilization management ecosystem of care.

The Leading Care Management Platform

Designed as a unified ecosystem of care for the modern care team, HELIOS provides broad spectrum visibility across the entire healthcare continuum, enabling seamless collaboration, coordination, and care delivery. HELIOS is available in different product tiers and configuration levels.

12+ Million

Managed lives through HELIOS

Up to 93%

Increase in care team efficiency

Up to 92%

Care team productivity gains

37 Million

Total interactions in HELIOS

THE HELIOS Difference

The most configurable, user-friendly care management platform

What makes HELIOS stand out from other enterprise healthcare management platforms? HELIOS® is the most configurable platform in the market – nearly 90% configurable out-of-the-box with point-and-click tools that can be leveraged by any business user. It’s also the most intuitive platform, with fewer clicks and views calibrated for more efficient, effective usage.

Simple and easy to learn, HELIOS offers precision control over the industry’s most sophisticated templates, advanced rules engine, and automated workflows.


Discover the Power of HELIOS Solutions

Download our quick product guide to learn about our family of HELIOS healthcare solutions. HELIOS is 90% configurable and supports care management, disease management, care coordination, LTSS, behavioral health, utilization management, and data interoperability – all within one single platform.

The HELIOS Product Family

Explore the complete HELIOS product family including our esteemed care management, utilization management, data interoperability, telehealth, and mobile solutions.

Advanced utilization management solution that streamlines utilization reviews, appeals, and grievances, offers automated prior authorization capabilities, improves data accuracy and confidence, and drives cost-saving efficiencies.

Our built-in telehealth tool, HELIOSvisit enables fully secure and HIPAA-compliant video conferencing, audio calls, instant messaging, and two-way file exchange with members from a computer, smartphone, or tablet without any additional software.

HELIOStext enables convenient, secure outbound text message communications to individual members directly from HELIOS or HELIOSgo, with pre-configured and customizable message templates.

The mobile app version of HELIOS platform, HELIOSgo is uniquely designed for easier in-the-field and on-the-go care management and coordination, and specifically tailored for LTSS, home health and behavioral health needs.

With HELIOShub payors can quickly and easily make all of their data FHIR® compatible, while also simplifying their tech stack, reducing costs, and improving team efficiency and data accuracy.

What Our Customers Say

At ICP, we have a very specific vision for continuing to elevate the high-quality support we offer both our members and our care teams, and VirtualHealth has been instrumental in powering new efficiencies and data-driven workflows to achieve this vision. From day one of our implementation, the experts at VirtualHealth have demonstrated a keen understanding for the needs of our market and we are already seeing tremendous results from the partnership.

Karen Vanaskie, DNP, MSN, RN, Chief Clinical Officer

Quick FAQs About Different User Types in HELIOS

Administrators & Supervisors

Program administrators can perform full platform configuration to tailor templates, workflows, analytics, settings, and parameters for bespoke care models that meet operational, clinical, and regulatory requirements. In turn, supervisors can manage workforces and activities with powerful tools and business intelligence dashboards.

Care Managers & Coordinators

Care team members across disciplines have access to an unprecedented suite of integrated tools, including comprehensive whole person views, real-time integrations, and intelligent automation that removes administrative overhead. Everything is one to two clicks away and the next best action is served up automatically.

Providers & Clinicians

Providers, along with their clinical and support staff, can access a more complete picture of the patient than available within the limitations of their clinical systems. Further, they can directly engage with the care team on authorization requests, claim status, and care planning, including referrals, interventions, and medication management.

Caregivers & Family

Authorized caregivers and family members have the opportunity to engage directly with the broader care team in HELIOS. With configurable role-based access, organizations can ensure that caregivers have the right information to be full participants in the care management process.

Health Plan Members

With its dedicated web and mobile apps, built-in telehealth tools, content and reward capabilities, interactive forms, connected device integrations, and omnichannel communications, HELIOS offers a leading technology suite for engaging program participants in their healthcare journeys.

Connect with Us

We understand that choosing medical management technologies can be a big decision. That is why we provide a highly consultative and refined approach that allows you to learn, ask questions, and identify if our HELIOS solutions are a good fit. Click below to set up time to chat with our team or to get more information about any of our HELIOS products.

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