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At VirtualHealth we believe in a consultative and collaborative approach. The key to a successful care management solution isn’t just the technology. It’s the nature of the relationship between the vendor and the client.

It takes world-class people, a consultative approach, and a process honed over a decade to set our clients up for success. At VirtualHealth, our teams are made of expert healthcare, technology and business leaders who are focused on understanding every facet of your business.

We spend time with you one-on-one to truly understand how your business works — the unique needs, goals, requirements, and challenges you have — and then act as dedicated guides to provide a transparent and consultative process.

Our process is based on a decade of client implementations to ensure HELIOS® is customized for your needs and to provide a smooth transition for your team at go-live.

Moreover, unlike other care management and utilization management companies, VirtualHealth is always here to support you. Our dedicated client and business success teams are focused on your success, efficacy, and satisfaction. This team acts as your support partners on-going to ensure you always have someone to have your back, that issues are resolved quickly, and that you know we’re always listening and ready to assist.

The HELIOS Launch Process

HELIOS is 90% configurable, so while the process timelines may vary slightly for each customer and the needs of their populations, overall, we aim to provide a simple, straightforward and transparent process.

Our goal is to set every organization up for success long term. That means our process for getting you going on HELIOS is simple, straightforward, and designed to match your care management and population health needs. And it means after launch, our team is there to provide support and guidance as you need it.


The average HELIOS launch takes less than 6 months with little involvement from IT, compared to an industry average of 9 to 12 months.

  • Phase 1 – Discovery and Planning:
    We hold a kick-off and detailed discovery phase where we learn about your business processes, needs, requirements, and the population you serve. VirtualHealth believes in taking a collaborative approach to developing and implementing the project plan, so that you’re involved every step of the way.


  • Phase 2 – Mapping & Configuration:
    Next, we dive into mapping those out to the HELIOS functionality to connect all the pieces of your ecosystem together. That map is then leveraged during the configuration and mapping phase to bring your platform to life.


  • Phase 3 – Quality & Training:
    After configuration and application, we’ll do rigorous quality assurance (Q/A) testing and user acceptance testing (UAT) reviews, and personalized training. Many of our clients have reported that most new users don’t need their full allotment of training time to become fluent with the platform either, which means getting teams onboarded and running happens faster.

12+ Million

Managed lives through HELIOS

Up to 93%

Increase in care team efficiency

Up to 92%

Care team productivity gains

37 Million

Total interactions in HELIOS

Customize Your HELIOS Platform

The power of HELIOS is in it’s singular design. Answer seven short questions to find out which HELIOS solutions are a good fit for your population health needs.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Below are some commonly asked questions and answers about VirtualHealth, HELIOS® and our other care management and utilization management solutions.

How long does the average HELIOS install take?
HELIOS implementation, including configuration to meet organization-specification needs, is possible in 3 months or less for many clients. Depending on the number of integrations you need, as well as any add-on tools, the entire launch timeline on average can be about 6 months.
Is HELIOS HIPAA-compliant or pre-validated by the NCQA?

VirtualHealth adheres to industry best practices for protecting ePHI. Our HELIOS platform is HIPAA-compliant and HITRUST CSF certified, which is considered the gold standard for information security in healthcare. HELIOS has also earned NCQA pre-validation for population health.

How does HELIOS get updated? Do I have to do anything?

Because HELIOS is a cloud-based solution, this allows our team to easily provide technology updates to the platform with minimal IT support and downtime. This also allows to provide strong product innovation developed from consumer-sourced feedback and industry challenge needs faster.

What other services, applications or providers does VirtualHealth integrate with?
VirtualHealth is proud to offer a variety of integrations within HELIOS thanks to a robust partner ecosystem. Our partners are experienced and well-respected leaders in their respective areas, and we’re pleased to offer various integrations for things like health literacy and education, social determinants of health, automated prior authorization, remote patient monitoring, and more.

View some of our key partners here >

Connect with Us

We understand that choosing medical management technologies can be a big decision. That is why we provide a highly consultative and refined approach that allows you to learn, ask questions, and identify if our HELIOS solutions are a good fit. Click below to set up time to chat with our team or to get more information about any of our HELIOS products.

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