Our Ecosystem of Value-Based Partners

We believe that better health and care outcomes begin with a seamlessly connected healthcare ecosystem, which includes a network of leading technology partners. From identifying and addressing social determinants of health, and predictive analytics for population health needs, to quality reporting for auditing and compliance, and automating prior authorizations.

It’s why we’ve built strategic partnerships with industry leaders that support every aspect of value-based care. Explore some of our partners below and reach out to our team to discover our full partner ecosystem and available partner integrations within HELIOS®.

Identifying and Addressing SDOH

Studies have found that social determinants of health (SDOH) play a critical role in health outcomes. In fact, socioeconomic factors such as housing, food and nutrition, transportation, poverty, employment and more, can affect as much as 50 percent of variations of health equity and outcomes at the county level.

Identifying and addressing SDOH is imperative to solving these challenges. We’re proud to partner with leading healthcare organizations that are focused on supporting SDOH initiatives and bringing tools and resources from them to HELIOS users.

Improving Health Literacy through Education

An informed health plan member is engaged, proactive about their health, and more likely to adhere to care plan instructions. Thanks to strategic partnerships with WebMD, Krames, and Healthwise, improving health literacy and ensuring members are appropriately educated and empowered is easy.

Predictive Analytics for Proactive Population Health Management

To help healthcare organizations transform healthcare from reactive to proactive, we’ve partnered with Prealize Health to bring powerful predictive analytics to HELIOS that supports proactive care approaches and real-time care management initiatives. As a result, healthcare becomes more proactive and precise, leading to healthier, happier individuals.

Quality Reporting for Auditing and Compliance Needs

Ensuring quality reporting and compliance in healthcare is imperative for any healthcare payer. It’s why we’ve partnered with Innovare to provide next-generation regulatory compliance, audit and monitoring, as well as to support business intelligence and automations around appeals, grievances and member services within HELIOS.

Advanced Utilization Management for Today’s Digitized World

Today, utilization management (UM) programs need to be as fast and accurate as possible. Thanks to partnerships with Change Healthcare (InterQual®), MCG, and Edifecs, our HELIOSum solution is able to provide a revolutionary new approach to UM with evidence-based criteria that streamlines authorizations and improves accuracy and confidence of data, as well as streamline and automate prior authorizations.

Remote Patient Monitoring

With the advancements in wearables and mobile health apps, leveraging remote patient monitoring data (RPM) has become critical for healthcare payers and providers to execute proactive care approaches. We are proud to partner with organizations like Kangaroo Health to enable real-time data insights from various RPM sources that are integrated within the HELIOS platform patient views to provide care teams and providers with accurate real-time pictures of members’ health.

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