A Platform That Fully Supports Behavioral Health

Unlike other care management solutions, VirtualHealth offers behavioral health as a core capability within HELIOS® and HELIOSgo. Our behavioral health module includes powerful tools for assessing and addressing behavioral health ranging from counseling to addiction treatment to mental health issues.

Integrated Care Management For Behavioral Needs

HELIOS is a leading solution to coordinate integrated behavioral concerns in diverse populations as well as to manage highly specialized cohorts.

Key Features & Benefits

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Whole-Person Views

Empower teams to proactively address both physical and behavioral needs with communication, coordination and transparency

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Configurable Behavioral Health Workflows

Capture behavioral health needs and automatically identify behavioral issues, create referrals, assign specialists or enroll in specialized programs, generate tasks and assessment recommendations, and populate care plans

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Dedicated Suite of Behavioral Health Tools

Libraries of behavioral and SUD (substance use disorder) focused assessments and screeners, and behavioral-focused care plans, point-of-care assessments and trackers, and behavioral-health partner integrations

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Real-time Referral Generation

Based on automated identification of behavioral health risk factors and diagnoses from multiple data feeds

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High-Risk Case Identification

Automated workflows identify high-risk cases and situations, ensuring timely outreach and interventions

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Predictive Analytics & Population Health Insights

Effectively manage both individual cases and population trends within a single ecosystem

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Individually Tailored Care Goals & Interventions

HELIOS uniquely tailors goals and interventions based on assessed behavioral challenges to guide care managers to make better adjustments and care decisions

built-in member engagement telehealth icon

Built-in Member Engagement Telehealth Tools

Use videoconferencing and SMS messaging tools within HELIOS for proactive member outreach and engagement

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SDOH Integrations

Partnership integrations help connect members to community programs and services to address SDOH challenges

empower & educate members icon

Empower & Educate Members

Support efforts to better inform members about behavioral and mental health topics and needs through health education partner integrations

regulatory compliance icon

Regulatory Compliance & Reporting

Specialized handling of protective and sensitive diagnoses along with quality regulatory reporting to support compliance

evidence-based configurable assessments icon

Evidence-Based, Configurable Assessments

Specifically designed for behavioral and mental health conditions to help auto-populate care plans alongside risk scores

UM management icon

Next-Level Utilization Management

Adjustable end-to-end processes ensure appropriate and timely actions from intake to review, to determination, to notification

Schedule a Quick Overview of HELIOS

HELIOS has been shown to reduce healthcare costs up to 50% by supporting progressions to less restrictive settings, reductions in caregiver ratios and greater community integration. From large-scale community-based populations to facility-based cohorts with disabilities, schedule a demo today to find out how HELIOS optimizes operations while supporting regulatory quality measures for managed behavioral care.

Proven Improvements In Behavioral Health Outcomes

“Our goal was to find a technology partner with the solutions to optimally support data-driven, person-centered care and VirtualHealth’s platform consistently rose to the top of our rankings. The HELIOS platform has a proven track record in North Carolina for integrating data sources, delivering intelligent workflows, and driving care team efficiencies, which we believe will improve the effectiveness of our care teams and, ultimately, the quality of care delivered to our members.”

EVP and CIO of Value-Based Payer

Mobile Solution For Behavioral Health Care In The Field

HELIOSgo was built specifically for the specialized needs of care managers in the field and to reach individuals in locations that lack internet connectivity or mobile coverage. It works on mobile phones and tablets, is fully integrated with the HELIOS platform, and offers a full feature set in both online and offline modes.

This allows behavioral health field workers to fully assess, plan, track, and document and coordinate care for members.

Watch our free on-demand HELIOSgo for Behavioral Health demo to learn more.

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5 Ways To Enable Behavioral And Mental Health In A Whole-Person Care Approach

Behavioral and mental health are critical aspects of whole-person care. Both can significantly impact physical health outcomes and a person’s social and economic well-being. In this blog, we quickly look at the current challenges surrounding behavioral and mental health care and then provide five ways care teams can better connect members to behavioral and mental health services.

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With the industry shift to value-based care, having a proven solution to support cost-effective operations that also helps address behavioral health is key. Contact us today to set up a time to chat with our team or to get more information about HELIOS for supporting populations with behavioral health needs.

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