Watch the Clinical Care Pathways for Payers in HELIOS® Webinar

You know that a care management platform gets care teams organized around your members, helping to coordinate care and streamline tasks for better outcomes with less effort. But care teams don’t have time for a lengthy training and rollout period to transition to a new one.

Clinical care pathways are the key to getting your care management team operational on day one. With HELIOS, we offer more than 35 default pre-configured default pathways to get you started immediately, and you can also consider customize your own by using ours as a starting point.

In this 20-minute webinar, we’ll walk through some of these pre-configured workflows that use your patient data and industry best practices to help guide care professionals along the right care plan and streamline the delivery of care and proactively addressing care gaps.

What you’ll discover in this webinar:

  • What clinical care pathways are and how they can help
  • The kinds of pathways that are available to you
  • A quick demo of a diabetes care pathway in HELIOS
  • Some answers to questions from specialty care providers, including customization concerns