NEW YORK – VirtualHealth is pleased to announce that Vxtra Health has selected HELIOS® as its care management platform and HELIOSum as its advanced utilization management solution to provide next-level value-based care to its self-insured, middle-market clients.

Vxtra Health has developed a highly efficient, tech-enabled ecosystem that makes it practical for self-insured, middle-market employers to enjoy the economic and experiential advantages of value-based care. Vxtra Health is committed to leveraging modern technologies, physician collaboration, and a “patient first” philosophy to reimagine the way employer-sponsored health plans are designed, administered, and managed.

“The key factors to our team’s decision to partner with VirtualHealth were the configurability of the HELIOS solution, the experienced leadership team, and their contemporary success with forward-thinking organizations across the healthcare industry including some of the largest Medicaid and Medicare Advantage plans, health systems and commercial health plans,” said Larry Hightower, Co-founder and CEO of Vxtra Health. “Our team of highly experienced physicians, nurses, and technology experts determined that the HELIOS solution would provide us with unparalleled flexibility, and the automated tools that will enable us to support a radically different approach to collaborative care management.”

Because physician collaboration and proactive engagement are Vxtra Health’s foundational principles, Vxtra Health felt HELIOS was an ideal fit as its ability to optimize actionable health information and improve the physician-patient relationship, will help attract the best physicians focused on lowering the cost of care, enabling Vxtra Health to help employers better serve health plan members.

Reducing hassles and redirecting energies toward optimizing data-driven physician collaboration for a more personalized patient experience is at the heart of Vxtra Health’s philosophy. The result of the partnership with HELIOS will be better medicine and better health outcomes at a lower cost for plan sponsors and plan members alike.

“We are very excited to be working with Vxtra Health to support innovative self-insured, middle-market employers in their efforts to transition to value-based care,” said Sue Powers, VirtualHealth’s Chief Growth Officer. “Vxtra Health was looking for a platform to provide timely and actionable information that enabled their philosophy of data-driven, proactive care. HELIOS’ configurable, intuitive design features gave them a single, user-friendly solution to accomplish their simultaneous objective of improving both care and utilization management while leveraging the gains in efficiency to improve health outcomes. Moreover, HELIOS’ powerful data integrations and resulting actionable insights and resources, will be key to help improve care delivery and member health outcomes.”

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About VirtualHealth

HELIOS® by VirtualHealth enables government health plans, commercial payers, health systems, and third-party administrators to streamline the administration of value-based care management. HELIOS allows healthcare teams to focus on providing better care and getting better outcomes, improving both patient and employee satisfaction. HELIOS uses powerful automation, data integrations, automated workflows, and unparalleled configurability to enable better communication, improve efficiency, and help providers deliver the right care at the right time. Some of the largest and most innovative health organizations across the country use HELIOS for care management, disease management, utilization management, and behavioral health needs, for millions of members. To learn more, visit

About Vxtra Health

Vxtra Health leverages a “start over” philosophy to collaborate with local, innovative physicians to develop, manage, and market tech-enabled value-based care solutions for self-insured, middle-market employers. The company’s mission is to create and implement hyper-efficient value-based care strategies that lowers costs and improves outcomes while reducing hassles and elevating the experience for all stakeholders. Serving as a complete replacement for legacy technologies, administrative processes, medical networks, and pharmacy administration, Vxtra Health’s fully integrated platform was designed by subject matter experts from real-world patient care, transformational information technology, and high-performance claims payment and administration. Central to Vxtra Health’s value proposition is patient-centered care management and proactive partnerships with local physicians that results in better medicine at a lower cost. To learn more visit:

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