NEW YORK – VirtualHealth is pleased to announce that Roko Labs is now a recognized HELIOS® Certified partner. The HELIOS Certified program provides partners with the knowledge, skills, and expertise to work as part of the VirtualHealth team and help execute HELIOS client projects. Partners who achieve HELIOS Certified status are some of the most highly trusted, innovative, and strategic leaders in the healthcare and technology industries.

As a HELIOS Certified partner, Roko Labs has undergone a rigorous program consisting of specialized training, vetting, and ongoing skill development. Roko Labs is now certified and approved to work directly with VirtualHealth teams to help execute and elevate clients’ visions.

“Roko Labs is thrilled to be participating in the launch of the HELIOS Certified program as their first official partner,” said Dmitry Rakovitsky, CEO and Co-Founder of Roko Labs. “Our team’s deep understanding of the inner workings of the entire HELIOS solutions family allows us to support the VirtualHealth team as an extension of their own product, engineering, and technology teams and perform at the high bar that VirtualHealth has set as the standard for its customers. Contributing to the HELIOS Certified program has not only strengthened our partnership with VirtualHealth but also allows us to collectively bring HELIOS solutions to more healthcare organizations around the country even faster.”

The HELIOS Certified Program

The HELIOS Certified program dives deep into VirtualHealth technology and processes. The program ensures each partner is a true subject-matter expert in the HELIOS platform and capable of working with VirtualHealth to support and execute clients’ goals and objectives. Partners in this program are often focused on unique customizations, integrations, implementations, and project management.

All HELIOS Certified partners must pass a rigorous training and testing program to become certified. HELIOS Certified partners are considered part of the VirtualHealth family and may work directly as part of our teams to execute and elevate clients’ visions. Learn more about the VirtualHealth HELIOS Certification Program here.

“The HELIOS Certified program has enabled us to create an ecosystem of industry-leading partners with deep HELIOS subject matter expertise who can support our clients in their delivery of exceptional care to millions of individuals every day,” said Adam Sabloff, VirtualHealth CEO and Founder. “Legacy medical management platform providers have mostly chosen to build large internal professional services organizations, and as a result are focused more on maximizing services revenue than product innovation. At VirtualHealth, we decided to build a network of certified partners that allows us to address individual client needs faster, while continuing to make HELIOS the most innovative and flexible platform in the industry. Every decision we make is about empowering our clients to meet the demands of modern healthcare with flexibility and speed, and we’re excited to have a network of HELIOS Certified partners and offer more software-enabled capabilities.”’

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About VirtualHealth

VirtualHealth is dedicated to empowering healthcare organizations to provide the exceptional value-based care that members need to change their lives for the better. To do this, VirtualHealth created the industry-leading medical management platform HELIOS® to meet the needs of government health plans, commercial payers, health systems, and specialty providers. Trusted by some of the largest and most innovative healthcare organizations, HELIOS supports care and disease management, population health, utilization management, FHIR data interoperability, and more. Unrivaled in the industry with 90% configurability, HELIOS utilizes AI, powerful automations, and unlimited clinical workflows and integrations to enable faster and more effective care. Intuitive and easy to use, VirtualHealth’s solutions help remove provider-payer frictions, lower operational and administrative costs, and drive productivity and efficiency gains, all while maintaining compliance.  To learn more, visit

About Roko Labs

Roko Labs is a full-stack software development consultancy that helps empower businesses to envision and rapidly build innovative, disruptive digital products that delight their customers. Founded in 2013 by Dmitry Rakovitsky, Sergei Selin, and Amy Kadomatsu, Roko Labs now serves a wide portfolio of clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies primarily in the financial services, healthcare, and B2B SaaS sectors. Roko Labs’ global team has a proven track record of helping businesses augment, magnify, and mature their product, technology, and development resources. Learn more at

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