Quickly and easily integrate siloed application data, adopt FHIR® painlessly, and elevate data-enabled innovation with configurable data transformations, a no-code integration builder, flexible data transfer methods, and robust APIs—all built on FHIR®.

NEW YORK – VirtualHealth is excited to announce the release of HELIOShub, the first FHIR® Integration Platform as a Service (FiPaaS) purpose-built for the payer ecosystem to simplify healthcare interoperability and FHIR® adoption without multiple costly tools and applications. HELIOShub helps payers quickly and easily connect and transform all their critical data into formats that meet the HL7® FHIR® standard, without either specialization or heavy lifting by IT teams.

HELIOShub was designed intentionally with self-management in mind. Configurable data transformations, mapping, and transfer methods translate to faster delivery, rapid time to market, and reduced implementation and maintenance costs. In initial implementations, HELIOShub has been shown to compress delivery times for a complex bi-directional flow by 80%. The platform helps payers to:

  • Expedite data integrations by 65% or more
  • Seamlessly convert data into FHIR®-compatible formats and exchange it with other enterprise platforms
  • Adopt FHIR® as part of existing data architecture or build a front-end application with a fully functional backend FHIR® Clinical Data Repository (CDR)
  • Push interfaces out of existing CDR and quickly answer requests for FHIR® data
  • Deliver more efficient, higher-quality care experiences by reducing time spent on integrations

Some of the key technical features of HELIOShub include a FHIR® store for leading implementation guides with a comprehensive library of APIs, real-time bi-directional integration flows, configurable data transformations to/from FHIR®, unlimited application connections, and event-based automation.

“We’ve seen a real gap between the promise and the reality of available tools,” said Adam Sabloff, VirtualHealth CEO and Founder. “With this launch, we’re bridging that gap for payers, giving them a sustainable, user-friendly, and targeted approach to data interoperability that’s built from more than 12 years of experience with payer ecosystem integrations. With HELIOShub, VirtualHealth clients can expect to see an increase in the accuracy and speed of their data initiatives, reduced stress on IT staff and consulting resources, and increased efficiency and expedited project completion timelines beyond the HELIOS ecosystem. Ultimately this will result in a much higher ROI and lifetime value for HELIOShub, and an immediate upgrade to the existing organizational data flow.”

Core benefits of HELIOShub for users:

  • Simple user experience for quick data integration delivery and management and no need for advanced certification or IT specialization
  • Faster access to interoperable FHIR®-compatible data to expedite quality, accurate care
  • Flexible configurations and the use of existing and custom integrations to build bi-directional FHIR®-based data feeds quickly and easily
  • Rapid FHIR® compatibility with  a no-code  ETL tooling for importing file-based and non-FHIR® API transactions
  • Reduced costs and reliance on professional services with self-manageable tools and features
  • Use with new and existing data architectures for easy adoption of FHIR®
  • Enable organization-wide access to FHIR® data in one single location

Today’s options for data interoperability create huge burdens on healthcare IT departments or fail to keep up with evolving data needs as healthcare payer organizations add providers and patient populations. Systems inherently have had variable data models, terminology, and technical capabilities which lead to expensive implementations, limited flexibility, and tempered innovation due to the cost and risk of incremental development.

“Healthcare payers aren’t static organizations,” said Marcus Caraballo, Vice President of Product Management at VirtualHealth. “After a solution is implemented and data has been connected, ongoing maintenance and upgrades to keep data flowing can really drain effort and resources from IT teams. VirtualHealth knows these pains firsthand. A care management or utilization management customer usually requires anywhere from 10 to 50 data pipelines to operate without friction.  This deep experience, coupled with an inability to find adequate market solutions, is what led us to build HELIOShub and solve interoperability problems for customers ourselves.”

HELIOShub breaks down the barriers to data interoperability quickly and at scale, by giving healthcare payers and organizations a simple user interface, no-code drag-and-drop integration builder, and rapid FHIR® transformation capabilities in one solution. HELIOShub’s data interoperability capabilities will help payers deliver better care, outcomes, and overall experiences for the members they serve.

Find out more about HELIOShub here.



About VirtualHealth

HELIOS® by VirtualHealth is an advanced solution for care management, utilization management, care coordination, disease management, and population health management. It enables government health plans, commercial payers, health systems, and specialty providers to streamline the administration of value-based care management and focus on providing better care and improving health outcomes and patient and employee satisfaction. HELIOS allows healthcare teams to focus on providing better care and getting better outcomes, improving both patient and employee satisfaction. HELIOS uses powerful automation, data integrations, automated workflows, and unparalleled configurability to enable better communication, improve efficiency, and help providers deliver the right care at the right time. Some of the largest and most innovative health organizations across the country use HELIOS for care management, disease management, utilization management, and behavioral health needs, for millions of members. To learn more, visit  www.virtualhealth.com.

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