Technology Optimized for Medicare

HELIOS® is the platform for the country's largest and most innovative Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans. For these forward-thinking clients, our platform supports leading-edge care management, case management, disease management, and utilization management.

Explore HELIOS for Medicare

Comprehensive Workflows for Chronic Disease Management

Given the prevalence of chronic conditions and comorbidities among Medicare beneficiaries, a platform with state-of-the-art disease management capabilities is essential. HELIOS® offers extraordinary automation from identification and referral, to engagement and assessment, to care planning and monitoring. The results are exceptional, particularly for Medicare Advantage plans.

Population Health for Complex Cohorts

Unlike legacy population health tools, our dashboards are embedded directly into workflows, ensuring that insights can be actioned in real time by the care team. At the same time, we provide administrative reports and drilldowns that support superior population, staff, and compliance management at all levels of your organization.

Improving Outcomes and Reducing Avoidable Readmissions

Imagine not needing to review reams of longitudinal data. Imagine servicing double the caseload at twice the quality. Imagine having the next best action served up in real time. This is the power of HELIOS®. Ultimately, it means more proactive care that leads to far fewer avoidable readmissions.


Utilization Management, Reimagined

HELIOSum® offers end-to-end utilization management (UM), from request to intake to review to determination to notification alongside appeals and reporting. Unlike legacy UM, our workflows are fully configurable, integrated with clinical guidelines, and highly automated across medical, pharmacy, and LTSS auths.

The Only Platform for Medicare Advantage

The HELIOS® platform was purpose built to optimally support value-based and whole person care. In the words of our clients, it really puts the "Advantage" in Medicare Advantage, offering a workbench for preventive identification, stratification and intervention while lowering all-important PMPM costs across contracted populations.

Let Your Members Age in Place, Not Your Technology

From telehealth to connected devices to home care, HELIOS® provides the complete framework for a community-based healthcare ecosystem. We have nearly a decade of experience with these cutting edge tools. Now, you too can offer your Medicare enrollees the best possible chance of aging at home while enjoying a higher quality of life and care in their golden years.

Fully Integrated Long-Term Care and Home Health

Fully Integrated Long-Term Care and Home Health

We understand that many seniors aging in place require assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs). That is why HELIOS® provides state-of-the-art LTSS/MLTC management capabilities, including advanced assessment, service planning, provider search, authorization, and EVV features. As always, the platform's intelligent automation makes the challenge of managing ADLs for your population easier than ever.

The Future of Aging is Technology-Driven

As people live longer and seniors become increasingly comfortable with digital technologies, the nature of medical management for Medicare populations is evolving as well. With the HELIOS® platform, you can be sure to have the right tools for Medicare not only for today but also for tomorrow. Our commitment to innovation is unparalleled in the industry. Schedule a demo today and let us show you!

Total Commitment to Medicare Standards

The HELIOS® platform is HIPAA and HITCH compliant, NCQA Prevalidated for Population Health Management, and HITRUST CSF certified. It meets or exceeds all applicable regulatory requirements and empowers you to have the medical management data you need for CMS reporting and audit. We take this responsibility very seriously and we hope to have the privilege of demonstrating to you why our Medicare client organizations trust our technology above all others.