The HELIOS® Platform

Care for the Whole Person

Clinical health is vital, but achieving better outcomes requires a deeper level of care. HELIOS® presents a 360° view encompassing all aspects of a member’s health. A holistic member view coupled with intelligent workflows allows the care team to collaboratively determine appropriate interventions and reduce avoidable re-admissions.

One Platform for the Entire Care Team

VirtualHealth’s HELIOS® platform enables unparalleled collaboration and coordination with the member and their care team and provides broad visibility across the healthcare organization.

By connecting the entire care team across one integrated ecosystem, our clients can go beyond traditional care management and drive increased efficiency, transparency, and cost reduction.

Care Manager
Care Giver
Administrator Portal
Program administrators can perform full platform configuration to tailor HELIOS® to specific needs, while leveraging analytics and reporting to track results and progress.
Care Manager Portal
A 360° member view with automated workflows and triggers ensures the next best action is at the care manager’s fingertips. Seamless communication, integrated services, and automation increase productivity and efficiency in care management.
Provider Portal
Providers have full access to the holistic member view and can engage with the care team on medications, scheduling, referrals, authorizations, claims, and care planning.
Care Giver Portal
Care givers gain the ability to engage with the care team and the member for timely and appropriate supports.
Member Portal
Members can engage in their health by communicating with the care team, viewing educational materials, and participating in rewards programs.

Make a Real Impact in the Lives of Your Members


A Framework for Success

HELIOS® is a HITRUST CSF Certified, care management software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform built with the foundational capabilities to outperform any solution available in today's market. Leading-edge technology is layered on top of the foundation to make the first truly proactive solution for care management.

VirtualHealth Helios is Proactive
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Ease-of-Use for Care Team
  • Care Team Collaboration
  • Best-in-Class Client Service
  • 24/7 Support
  • Extensive Configurability
  • Role-Based Access
  • Cloud-Native System
  • Iron-Clad Security
VirtualHealth Helios is Effective
  • Automated Workflows
  • Document Creation
  • Telehealth
  • Video
  • Services to improve SDOH
  • Quality Metrics
  • Analytics
  • Educational Content
  • 360° Member View
VirtualHealth Helios is Functional
  • Clinical Content
  • Correspondence
  • Assessments
  • Care Plans
  • Tasking
  • Third-Party Integrations
  • Authorizations
  • Risk Scoring
  • Reporting
  • Enrollment

Communication is Key

Multichannel communication improves a care manager’s ability to reach their members, in turn increasing member compliance. The HELIOS® rules engine automatically triggers outreach from activities occurring in care management, disease management, and utilization management. All communication is stored in the platform for easy retrieval to support reporting and audits. The care team can seamlessly deliver custom content in the form of letters, faxes, secure messaging, and educational materials.

Integrated Services Move Care Forward

HELIOS® enriches the integrated care model by enabling embedded services that address whole person care. These include videoconferencing, connected devices, and integration of third-party vendors for transportation, nutrition, home maintenance, and financial assistance, among others. Services are seamlessly incorporated into the care manager's workflow and team members can order transportation, see vitals, interact with, and educate members in real time. HELIOS® provides limited, dedicated access for vendors to view orders, exchange information with the care team, and provide service updates.

Empower Members to Power Outcomes

Engaged members are more likely to adhere to treatment plans and report higher satisfaction. In the HELIOS® ecosystem, members can interact with their care team, schedule services, and earn rewards through a dedicated portal. The care team can track interactions and share documents or educational materials. Member engagement can increase positive outcomes, reduce ER visits and readmissions, improve member satisfaction, and lower costs for healthcare organizations.

Intelligent Care Management Technology

HELIOS® integrates all information into one comprehensive data set. Business rules comb through the data to trigger key activities, while automated workflows generate tasks and alerts and route them accordingly. All relevant information is provided to the entire care team to maximize coordination and transparency.
Intelligent Technology

Get Ahead of the Curve. Then Stay There.

With agile development, HELIOS® keeps its clients at the forefront of care management.

HELIOS® supports the breadth of risk stratification algorithms, including both clinical groupers and assessment-based stratification.

Risk triggers and intelligent workflows drive automated actions and allow your care team to address high-risk member issues to meet clinical and non-clinical needs.

Reduce IT resources with the most configurable care management platform under the sun.

A modular platform means HELIOS® can be configured without engaging additional IT resources. The configuration tools make it easy for your business team to tailor HELIOS® to your exact needs.

Gain a new depth of insight with seamless data exchange.

HELIOS® supports every aspect of healthcare data, allowing your care team to spend time attending to members.

Bi-directionally exchange real-time and batch data across the full range of standard and proprietary formats.

Visualize the healthcare data to uncover hidden patterns that generate new insights.

Transform passive risk into proactive programming, interventions, and outreach.

HELIOS® supports the breadth of risk stratification algorithms, including clinical groupers and assessment-based stratification.

Risk triggers and workflows drive automated actions so your care team can address high-risk member issues in a timely manner.

Uncover vital information with reporting designed for results.

Out-of-the box reports including those around quality measures, productivity, clinical data, caseloads, and utilization management provide vital performance information.

Custom dashboards display relevant information for users. Configurable ad hoc reports can be tailored to client needs.