Health Systems

Whether a health system is comprised of a hospital and a physician group, contractually integrated organizations, an informal care system, or a new model, one goal remains; to provide comprehensive care to a group of individuals. A care management solution serving a health system must be able to configure to its unique needs, integrate technology and data streams, and provide comprehensive and relevant data to each user.

HELIOS® is an end-to-end healthcare solution that seamlessly overlays the existing IT infrastructure, uniting parties in value-based care around the patient.

Connecting and coordinating information and care across the continuum builds a 360° patient view and helps to engage patients in their care. Automated workflows powered by data and analytics allow health systems to achieve their triple aim goals of lower costs per capita, better outcomes, and an improved patient experience.

VirtualHealth believes that when people, systems, and data work in harmony, they can make a measurable, positive impact on the health of individuals and populations.

Engage HELIOS® to Reach the Triple Aim

Improved Population Health Built for Better Outcomes

Data-driven post-discharge care management has been proven to be the key to sustainably reducing readmission rates. HELIOS® improves population health outcomes through the use of best-in-class predictive analytics and business intelligence tools.

VirtualHealth supports advanced care models through built-in telemedicine and telehealth integrations, post-discharge order and program delivery, and real-time biometrics tracking.

A Superior Patient Experience

By interfacing with existing solutions and exchanging cross-setting data, HELIOS® provides a comprehensive picture of the patient. Users can view all information on a comprehensive and configurable health dashboard that displays all relevant information.

Data consolidation tools coupled with an automated rules-based workflow engine supply the care team with information to take the best possible next action.

The patient engagement suite allows patients to easily access their information, engage in secure, bi-directional communication with the care team, and receive relevant educational materials through a dedicated portal. Engaged and informed patients enjoy better health outcomes, an improved quality of life, and reduce the cost of healthcare.

Lower Costs

The platform's automated data feeds, pre-populated forms, and pre-configured tasking and alerting reduce the level of administrative work and increase the efficiency of the care team. Teams using HELIOS® can provide better care to a greater amount of patients.