Disease Management

Improve the Quality of Care for High-Risk Patients

HELIOS features comprehensive care plans with a full suite of requirements for effective disease management. Optimize the process with automated clinical decision making using evidence-based best practices.

  • Save time with a care plan that is automatically populated with health needs based on assessment data and diagnosis.
  • All care team members can access and record interactions and interventions for effective care co-management.
  • Create care goals, design interventions, track status, and record barriers to progress.
  • Guide, support, and track sustained behavior change.
  • Capture sign off with physical and electronic signature support.

Handle Members with Care

Your population is made up of unique individuals who deserve care tailored to their specific needs. Leverage the data within HELIOS to create insights that improve the health outcomes of your populations and lower the costs of providing care. Combine the 360° member view with powerful analytics to deliver the most targeted, personalized member treatment possible.

A Comprehensive View of  Your Members

A Unified Toolkit for Disease Management

  • Health risk assessments
  • Best practice-based workflows
  • Call center forms
  • Educational outreach
  • Connected devices
  • Self-reporting
  • Extensive configurable clinical content library

A Comprehensive View of Your Members

Members with chronic conditions spend most of their time outside of the doctor's office. Utilize full platform synergy between clinical and non-clinical activity to gain a 360° view of your members as they visit multiple providers for chronic conditions and comorbidities.

Real-time integrations and automatic workflows support appropriate and timely interventions. A collaborative and interactive digital workspace enables social services, medication management strategies, and provides education to ensure that the care team can optimally assist the member and caregiver in the disease management process.

Make Members Part of the Team

When members engage in their health, everyone enjoys better outcomes.

Members can access information and care plans tailored to them through a dedicated member portal where they can create and complete wellness goals, access their health information, and provide timely communication back to the care team. Automated workflows can send reminders and recommendations to members, and care managers can interact with members and their caregivers to enhance compliance with treatment plans and follow-up on needs.

Teaching members how to manage their conditions and equipping them with the confidence, educational materials, and tools to take better care of themselves creates better outcomes and improves quality of life.

Make Members Part of the Team