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When Medicare and Medicaid plans began rolling out value-based models at scale, VirtualHealth recognized the shifting landscape and built the technology to support the care coordination required to make those models successful. In the intervening years, the industry has confirmed time and again that effective care coordination is a critical pillar of value-based care. Care coordination as made possible by the HELIOS® platform improves healthcare outcomes by breaking down silos among providers, reduces costs by minimizing avoidable events, and makes navigating the healthcare system easier for all, including the many individuals with chronic conditions and significant comorbidities.

Whole person care is at the heart of value-based care. In turn, multi-source data aggregation, intelligent workflows, and timely communication make whole person care possible. VirtualHealth has spent the past decade perfecting the technology to deliver these capabilities and make care coordination seamless. When an individual's needs are identified and communicated to the right parties at the right time, the result is better care, better outcomes, and better quality of life.

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Coordinate Effectively Across
Diverse Settings of Care

The HELIOS® platform offers a single centralized ecosystem to power care team collaboration as individuals transition between acute care settings, long-term facilities, and the community. Event-driven triggers coupled with real-time admission, discharge and transfer (ADT) feeds, ensure that care teams are promptly notified and tasked with the next best action. At the same time, the built-in HIPAA-compliant telehealth capability allows staff to maintain close interactions with individuals across every setting of care.

Coordinate Effectively

The platform also presents an incredibly comfortable workbench for care coordinators. Automated tasking and universal field pre-population minimize the administrative overhead. Easy, intuitive navigation ensures that important information is never more than two clicks away. Seamless integration with IVR and third-party technologies, wearables, and connected devices means that care coordinators have the most up-to-date information at all times to increase productivity and efficiency.

Advanced Features Based on Industry Best Practices

Effective care coordination begins with collecting all of the relevant data about a case. HELIOS® expedites this process by offering the broadest set of both standard and custom data integrations that pull information from across the continuum to build a unified summary. Beyond aggregating the data, the platform also automatically assigns coordinators and generates tasks, reducing the administrative burden on staff members and making it possible for them to handle larger caseloads with no adverse impact on quality.

At the same time, integrated identification and stratification capabilities guide care coordinators toward high risk cases, ensuring proactive activity for the situations where it is needed most. During the coordination efforts, smart assessments and interactions help staff members by surfacing only relevant fields and pre-populating information wherever possible.

Intelligent Automation Means
Unparalleled Efficiency

VirtualHealth has pioneered robotic process automation (RPA) in the medical management space, bringing an unparalleled level of efficiency. Given its fast pace, limited resources, and high volume of cases, this is particularly relevant for care coordination. What this means for your teams is they can spend far less time on repetitive, manual, and error-prone administrative tasks and far more time on interpersonal activities, such as guiding participants and liaising with providers. This ground-breaking technology offers a broad range of benefits, including the ability to handle higher larger caseloads with limited staff resources, greater consistency, higher velocity, better quality, and increased participant and provider satisfaction.

Intelligent Automation

Assess Effectively

Automated case assignment and tasking helps organize initial outreach and first-level assessment, which may include recording clinical diagnoses, reviewing medications, identifying risks, capturing social determinants of health, and evaluating community resource needs. In turn, the responses captured in the first-level assessment will automatically drive subsequent workflows.

Assess Effectively

Capture Clinical Data

HELIOS® supports integrations with the full spectrum of clinical sources, including HIEs, EMRs, ADT feeds, medical claims, pharmacy claims, authorizations, and connected devices, among others. As a result, care coordinators have access to complete longitudinal medical histories associated with their cases and can also add data gathered during contacts via manual input.

Capture Clinical Data

Coordinate ADT Events

Admissions, discharges and transfers (ADT) are key events in an individual's healthcare journey. Appropriate and timely care coordination at these moments profoundly impacts costs and outcomes. HELIOS® supports optimal care by detecting ADT events in real-time, instantly creating referrals and tasks, and providing a complete toolkit for outreach, coordination, and follow-up.

Coordinate ADT Events

Manage Medications

HELIOS® offers a comprehensive capability to care coordinators for performing medication reconciliation, checking for medication accuracy, and confirming medication adherence. This capability is complemented by seamless integrations with leading embedded drug data systems, pharmacy networks, and medication therapy management solutions.

Communicate and Collaborate

Using HELIOS®, care coordinators can easily communicate with multidisciplinary teams across care settings through secure, HIPAA-compliant messaging, videoconferencing, chat, and data exchange. All contacts are documented via integrated interaction forms that automatically capture many aspects of the contact.

Engage and Educate

The HELIOS® platform provides a multi-faceted suite of tools to support engaging and educating both participants and caregivers. The ability to incorporate media directly on the platform is augmented by partnerships with leading educational content providers. In addition, the platform's native telehealth capability, rewards feature, and participant mobile application enable organizations to strongly drive engagement.

Optimize Transitions of Care

HELIOS® plays a key role in helping care teams reduce avoidable hospital admissions and unnecessary emergency department visits. When individuals are preparing to transition or have just completed transitioning to a new setting of care, team members can leverage the platform to perform all necessary coordination activities, from planning to outreach to pre-discharge assessment to education to post-discharge care planning.

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