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VirtualHealth is a mission-driven company seeking to make healthcare more proactive through technology. The company's HELIOS® platform is the country's leading enterprise technology for care management, disease management, utilization management, and population health management. HELIOS® is the first cloud-native platform built specifically to support value-based models of care.

HELIOS® was awarded top grades by KLAS and is leveraged by many of the most innovative healthcare organizations in the country to manage millions of members across commercial, Medicare, Medicaid, and Long-Term Services and Supports (LTSS) lines of business.

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The Transformation of Healthcare Requires Transformative Technology

Dramatic shifts are taking place within the healthcare industry; an aging population, increasing prevalence of chronic conditions and a focus on social determinants of health are driving the adoption of value-based care. VirtualHealth's founding team saw a heart-breaking disparity between the potential of modern technology and the shortfalls of legacy healthcare IT systems, and created HELIOS® to bring modern technology to medical management.

A History of Principled Innovation
The Transformation of Healthcare Requires Transformative Technology

Innovation that Changes Lives

We value innovation – and bring that value to every client and partner, ensuring that each product enhancement meets a true business need while fully supporting regulatory compliance. Among many other firsts, VirtualHealth was the first in its space to commit to the cloud, to pilot connected devices, to integrate transportation vendors, to incorporate patient incentives, to offer built-in telehealth, to support comprehensive FHIR API coverage, and to provide configurable robotic process automation (RPA). 

A History of Leading the Market

A fully connected future might sound obvious today, but we’ve been saying and working towards it for the past decade. At VirtualHealth, we’ve been a driving force of transformation toward a fully connected, tech-driven future for as long as we’ve existed. We can’t help ourselves; innovation is in our DNA.

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A Holistic Approach to Whole Person Care

For clinical teams to make effective healthcare decisions, they need data and insight, but healthcare data is often too fragmented to be meaningful. To tackle this issue, the VirtualHealth team designed custom integrations with dozens of payer and provider platforms that bring this disparate data together into a holistic view for the care team that includes all patient data.

To make this wealth of data actionable, the VirtualHealth team developed intelligent workflows that could react in real time to relevant events in any part of the healthcare system, from hospital admissions to physician encounters to authorization requests. The end result was HELIOS®: the essential workbench for the modern care team, combining data and intelligence into actionable insights for the care team.

Long-Term Gains That Far Exceed Upfront Cost

HELIOS® clients report gains in efficiency and team productivity of more than 85%, far exceeding the cost of the platform. While we are excited to offer a software license that more than pays for itself, the real value is the impact on quality, satisfaction, and outcomes. In partnering with VirtualHealth, healthcare organizations can be confident that they are unlocking tremendous value for their business, their staff, and, most importantly, the individuals who entrust themselves to their care.

A Compelling Value Proposition

Committed to True Partnership

While we may be classified as a software vendor, we see ourselves, above all, as a partner, an advisor, and an advocate for our clients. 

 We hold ourselves deeply accountable and provide transparency in every facet of our delivery process. We offer consultative implementations led by seasoned professionals with extensive expertise across technology delivery, business processes, and clinical operations.

From detailed project plans with real-time dashboards, to in-depth elaboration meetings and use-case analysis, to online collaboration across user stories and design specifications, to agile delivery and client feedback capture, to pre-go-live training and continuous production monitoring, we work diligently to ensure our client teams have the best possible experience while meeting every one of their objectives. Our platform and our staff remain available 24/7 to support exceptional service levels and ensure that the effective delivery of care never stops.

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