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Virtual Health empowers healthcare organizations to ensure better quality of life and enhanced outcomes for clients while capturing significant cost and efficiency savings.

Introducing Virtual Health

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Next generation
healthcare technology

Virtual Health's innovative solution is completely cloud-based,
enabling care teams to access, update and interact with patients
from anywhere at any time.

Secure Interoperability

Web services and sFTP integrations with EMR, RIS, LIS, billing, telehealth, and other systems supporting full range of formats. 
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Population Management

State-of-the-art cloud platform to manage heterogeneous populations, analyze data, generate reports, and run predictive analytics. 
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Mobile Access

Connect through any device, including tablets and smartphones, from the office or in the field. 
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Patient Engagement

Share educational materials, push out events, coordinate calendars, and reach patients through video, message, text, and remote monitoring. 
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Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Enable care management and clinical teams to collaborate effectively on cases and react in real time to events and triggers.  
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Smart, Simple Noting

Point-of-care smart noting platform with care team collaboration tools, logging and reporting, built-in PHR, and support for seamless bi-directional data exchange with EMR, LIS, and RIS systems.

  • Noting: Intuitive and flexible interface for encounter notes supporting customizable templates, built-in medical coding, and auto-completion functionality across clinical data types.
  • Prescriptions: Prescription order management, formulary lists, automated medication reconciliation, sig codes, and refill tracking.
  • Labs: Complete database covering all LOINC lab and diagnostic types coupled with support for all major imaging file extensions including DICOM.
  • Histories & Documents: Indexed patient histories and document repositories, ad hoc report generation and flexible search functionality, and built-in patient portal.
  • Integration: Collaboration and data exchange support for external EMRs, PHRs, HIEs powered by a proprietary interface platform.
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Create a Vibrant Care Community.

The platform allows you to connect with patients or clients, enabling care and education delivery, service and event coordination, and group administration. Virtual Health provides a powerful population management solution.

  • Engage: Connect with clients and provide them with programs, updates, information, media and remote monitoring via desktop and mobile devices.
  • Manage: Manage populations and groups, track activities, collect feedback, create ad hoc reports, and centralize health service workflows.
  • Administer: Supervise staff, capturing their interaction with clients across the entire organization, track services and billing and coordinate resource allocation.
  • Service: Provide assistance to the activities of daily living and engage with caregivers using customizable workflows, command and control functionality and seamless integration with third-party systems.
  • Schedule: Coordinate client and caregiver calendars in real time, view schedules, generate custom invitations and track participation.
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Full Management Suite Customized for Your Needs.

An effective and cost-efficient solution for patient management, Virtual Health encompasses all of the critical tools required to empower the best possible delivery of care.

  • Patient Management: Organize all your patient information, quality metrics reporting and tracking.
  • Interact: Engage your patients through secure messaging, or conduct virtual visits using the videoconferencing feature.
  • Scheduling: Easy-to-use scheduling systems allows patients to view and request open appointment times while tracking all past and upcoming appointments.
  • Care Teams: Collaborate with other practitioners using document sharing and one-click referrals, while maintaining communication with caregivers and family members.
  • Services: Access to national and local service providers for physician supplies, laboratory analyses, imaging, transcription and office support.
  • Security: Logging of actions across all staff members and care professionals coupled with redundant data back-up, encryption and security protocols. HIPAA compliant.
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Create a Connected,

Exceptional Care Program.

Virtual Health empowers healthcare organizations to interface and engage with community-based clients and their families across multiple dimensions.

  • Interact: Patients can interact with care teams, their health plan and providers through secure messaging and videoconferences.
  • Share: With individualized permission-based controls, individuals, groups, family members and caregivers can share images, videos, and publications at the click of a button.
  • Schedule: Centralized calendar management system, allowing for facility events or individual appointment scheduling for transportation and appointments with providers.
  • Learn: View educational content via desktop or mobile device relating to personal health and wellness.
  • Engage: Easy and natural engagement with family members and healthcare professionals to support socialization and information exchange.
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Next Generation Remote Monitoring.

Simplify and streamline monitoring for complex patients through comprehensive and hardware agnostic telehealth functionality featuring a flexible rules engine, real-time alerts, intervention management, advanced charting, and mobile access.

  • Devices: Seamless out-of-the box integration with a wide-range of telehealth and remote monitoring devices.
  • Charts: Advanced graphics, responsive interface, and intelligent charting.
  • Rules: Sophisticated and customizable rules engine allows you to set thresholds by patient or condition, ensuring timely and accurate interventions.
  • Alerts: Real-time alerts indicating rules-based violations across the entire patient population with an at-a-glance dashboard, histories and alert management.
  • Tracking: Detailed intervention and patient history tracking platform provides in-time information and supports clinical staff workflows as well as direct interaction with patients and caregivers.
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Empower Community-Based Services.

Whether your customer is a senior aging at home or an individual with a disability or chronic condition requiring home- and community-based services, Virtual Health offers an effective connection between the customer and the services that they need.

  • Services: Full suite of on-demand outbound services including transportation, nutrition, fitness, housekeeping and home maintenance.
  • Products: Access to health and wellness related products including medical equipment and supplies and out-of-the-box integration with telehealth and remote monitoring devices.
  • Requests: Built-in customizable call center workflows enabling organizations to design their own brand of concierge service for customers.
  • Scheduling: Calendar integration with shared calendars with patients, family members and caregivers. Timely alerts and notifications available on both desktop and mobile devices.
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