Your Personalized HELIOS Offer

Is your current medical management platform costing you a lot but failing to deliver quality service and results? Is your contract about to end, and you’re looking to explore other platform options?

No problem, VirtualHealth is here to help you to easily and affordably move from your legacy care management solution to HELIOS®, our industry-leading medical management platform.

HELIOS is purpose-built for value-based care, offering an integrated, user-friendly solution for care management, utilization management, care coordination, disease management, population health management, data interoperability and FHIR transformation.


Reasons why clients love HELIOS over competitor platforms:

  • Over 90% configurable – your team can customize HELIOS to meet your needs with minimal demands on IT and expensive consulting arrangements.
  • Industry leading user experience – HELIOS is intuitive and easy to use, improving adoption and care team satisfaction
  • Simple data integrations – Speed data integrations by up to 80% with our integration and FHIR transformation engine HELIOShub
  • Transparent pricing – our pricing is simple, there’s one monthly license fee that includes everything you need. No hidden upgrade fees or maintenance contracts.
  • Strategic partnership – we don’t just copy and paste current processes into HELIOS, our industry experts dig in to help you maximize your solution.

Want to learn more? Set up a time with us today to talk about how the HELIOS platform will meet your needs.

Learn more about the HELIOS platform

Discover the HELIOS platform for yourself with the below collection of short demonstration videos to see how intuitive HELIOS is.

HELIOS Platform Overview

HELIOSum for Utilization Management

HELIOSvisit Overview

HELIOStext Overview

HELIOSgo for Behavioral Health

HELIOSgo for Home Health

HELIOS LTSS Functionality