Leading Configurability And Speed To Market

VirtualHealth has gone from contender to industry leader due to three simple reasons: the best product, the highest quality services, and the fastest go-lives. As the most comprehensive platform, HELIOS® covers the fullest spectrum of regulatory, operational, and information requirements. As the most configurable platform, it can be perfectly tailored to each client's unique needs. As the most connected platform, it can support hundreds of integrations across the breadth of healthcare infrastructure. As the most convenient platform, it offers an unparalleled user experience that minimizes mouse miles while maximizing productivity. Finally, as the most cost-effective platform, it empowers organizations to spend more on care delivery and less on legacy IT projects.

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Are your teams tired of legacy solutions that are complicated, kludgy, and downright frustrating to use, with interfaces that look like they were invented in the pre-internet age? We know we were. That is why we have been committed to a beautiful, intuitive, and easy UX/UI from day one.

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VirtualHealth had the best product out there.
KLAS Care Management Report
Work gets completed faster and is done more transparently.
KLAS Care Management Report
We bring them a problem, and they bring the solution.
KLAS Care Management Report
VirtualHealth is ahead of the curve. They are visionary.
KLAS Care Management Report
When we were shopping for care management systems, we were impressed with VirtualHealth Platform’s usability. That usability is what set VirtualHealth apart from their competition.
KLAS Care Management Report
The platform has increased our efficiency and productivity in our operational work.
KLAS Care Management Report
VirtualHealth went above and beyond when we were audited by the state.
KLAS Care Management Report
Our users, service coordinators especially, appreciate the ease of navigating within the system.
KLAS Care Management Report
We can see real-time data without needing to wait for someone to reply or answer a phone call.
KLAS Care Management Report
We have found VirtualHealth to be very easy to work with. They make an effort to understand our business.
KLAS Care Management Report

A Proven and Unparalleled Return on Investment

With the industry's most complete set of rule engines and automated workflows, HELIOS increases efficiency and reduces cost for payers and health systems. In fact, clients report experiencing ROIs of more than 80% within 6 months of going live. What could productivity gains like this do for your organization?

Complete Regulatory Compliance for Total Peace of Mind

Our clients' trust is our most precious commodity and our gating criteria for every decision, action, and communication. VirtualHealth is HITRUST certified, HIPAA and HITECH compliant, and completely PHI on-shore. We are 100% committed to information security and that means our personnel are fully background checked, our vendors are carefully vetted, our data centers are hardened, and both our product and technical support teams are US-based. 

Consultative from Engagement to Go-Live and Beyond

Consultative from Engagement to Go-Live and Beyond

We understand that switching to a new enterprise platform can be a daunting experience with far-reaching consequences. That is why we provide a highly consultative and refined approach.

Our cross-functional teams include experienced project managers, business analysts, operations specialists, product leads, and technical experts to ensure a white glove implementation, transition, and usage experience for each client.

Success Story: Community Care of North Carolina

CCNC supports nearly 2 million managed Medicaid enrollees across North Carolina and has been leveraging HELIOS® as its core platform since 2018. In the words of CCNC's CEO:

"Our partnership with VirtualHealth followed an extensive and rigorous discovery process, including sandbox sessions with multiple vendors, and the final decision was unanimous."

Learn How to Get More Value From Your Data

Discover how healthcare organizations can enhance revenue growth, drive administrative efficiencies, reduce costs, improve care quality, and create better member experiences. Read VirtualHealth’s white paper, Data-Driven Healthcare: Cutting Through the Hype.