Telehealth Has Officially Progressed from Optional to Core

The COVID-19 pandemic has forever altered the face of healthcare. The necessity of remote visits has changed both provider and patient perspectives on telehealth. Today, the ability to support HIPAA-compliant videoconferencing is an expectation.

Telehealth offers tremendous benefits, including participant safety, ease of scheduling, and elimination of travel costs. VirtualHealth was an early adopter of telehealth and the HELIOS® platform provides exceptional capabilities for care management teams to support this critical function.

Experience Industry-Leading Telehealth First-Hand

The Power of Fully Integrated Telehealth Out-of-the-Box

VirtualHealth's HELIOSvisit® product empowers care teams to connect with patients, caregivers, and one another in a fully secure, real-time and HIPAA-compliant ecosystem for videoconferencing, programmatic chat, and file exchange. This capability can be launched at any time, directly from the HELIOS® platform, and does not require the recipient to download any specialized applications. The user can initiate a HELIOSvisit® with a single click, a link is instantly delivered to the recipient via text or email, and as soon as the recipient clicks the link, they are placed into the secure communications room. The opportunity to engage face-to-face offers a more personalized experience for patients and many who may not accept a telephone call from an unrecognized number are more than willing to join a HELIOSvisit®.


Mobile Applications that Support Care Teams Online & Offline

Optimized for tablets, VirtualHeath's HELIOSgo® and related native mobile applications provides care teams with a comprehensive toolkit for work in the field. Importantly, their broad range of fully integrated capabilities can be used either online or offline, ensuring that staff can perform their work anywhere, regardless of whether an internect connection is available.

Dedicated Portals for the Individuals Receiving Care

VirtualHealth offers both a web-based portal and a dedicated mobile application for the individuals receiving care. That means health plan participants and health system patients have dedicated tools for viewing their health information, interacting with care teams, reviewing educational content, tracking medication compliance, and monitoring care plans. Critically, these tools can integrate with each individual's smart ecosystem, capturing biometric and activity data to support the medical management process. Coupled with HELIOS® omnichannel communications, these capabilities support a truly comprehensive approach to patient engagement.


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