Tailored Solutions for DSRIP Requirements
End-to-end ecosystem
that cost-effectively integrates across systems,
providers, and data silos to meet comprehensive
requirements and deliver proven results.
VirtualHealth can rapidly tie together disparate systems and data silos providing a true 360 degree view and longitudinal history of each patient.
The platform supports both standard and proprietary formats across the full range of healthcare datasets. Aggregating enrollment, provider, clinical, claims, pharmacy, lab, radiology, assessment, and care plan data has never been easier.
Care Delivery
With VirtualHealth, Performing Provider Systems can optimize care orchestration, coordination, and delivery through evidence-based automated workflows and configurable business rules.
The technology makes it possible to follow patients between care settings and across both physical and behavioral domains to ensure continuity and timely interventions.
Quality & Reporting
VirtualHealth can deliver analytics and reporting in support of required DSRIP quality metrics and key performance indicators.
Customizable dashboards and reports provide real-time care gap analysis at the population, provider, and individual level, making it possible to allocate resources when and where they are needed and to effectively route patients within the integrated provider network.
Provider-Integrated Patient-Centric Technology
that Drives Cost Reduction and Quality Improvement