Unlock the Power of Your Data for Actionable Intelligence

Aggregate. Integrate. Inform.

A Comprehensive Solution for Population Health.

Care Coordination

The platform aggregates, interprets, and integrates the data from EHRs/EMRs and related systems including lab tests, diagnoses, and billing and encounter data.

All data flows into a Master Patient Index to create a whole person view that enables the entire care team to work collaboratively in a coordinated fashion to improve the health of the populations they serve.


The platform employs both native and third-party analytics to optimize insights for each client.

Leverage risk stratification to target at-risk populations for timely interventions, reducing high cost utilization and improving outcomes.

Utilize longitudinal analysis of population cohorts to extract key clinical and social indicators and to understand the impact of applied interventions.

Collaborative Workflow

We collaborate with patients, families, and the wider care team to improve resource utilization, outcomes, and both patient and staff satisfaction.

Care plan management and risk assessments include social determinants and create actionable intelligence for the care team.

Follow patients across the care continuum through transitions in care settings to improve outcomes and eliminate gaps in care.


Engage, activate, and inform patients through omni-channel communication.

VirtualHealth provides dedicated portals for patients and the entire care team allowing for seamless collaboration and coordination.


Setting New Standards