Integrated Care for Vulnerable Populations


Improve Outcomes and Reduce Costs by Automating Manual Tasks and Routing Evidence-Based Workflows.

Government Programs

VirtualHealth has unmatched expertise with government programs to maximize quality metrics and reduce avoidable admissions with a focus on compliance.

The platform provides the most advanced functional suite on the market and supports Medicaid/Medicare population health, case management, and care coordination for millions of members.

Our system was designed to help organizations improve Medicare Star ratings and HEDIS quality measures.


VirtualHealth enables commercial plans to reduce silos of information into a single cross-enterprise view.

Leveraging a 360-degree view in a single record of the member, commercial plans can effectively route complex cases, automate real-time service decisions, and deliver a highly personalized healthcare experience.


Assessment-driven identification of LTSS population and appropriate plan of care improves care coordination and quality of life for patients in need.

Mobile applications with online and offline capability follow patients between settings of care to provide visibility into the individual’s complete care background.


Setting New Standards