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Healthcare is evolving. There are more opportunities to expand access, improve outcomes, and keep people healthier. Our vision is to accelerate the transition to value-based care with a seamlessly connected, member-centric care ecosystem that enables you to provide the proactive, personalized care members need to change their lives for the better.

This ecosystem is powered by real-time data, automated workflows, and a network of industry-leading technology partners. It enables cross-team collaboration, transparent communication, and the ability to quickly identify and resolve care gaps and address social determinants of health. It empowers you to deliver better care to more people at the right time. Our vision of this ecosystem is HELIOS®.

We’re not trying to reinvent healthcare.
We’re helping you reinvent healthcare.

Break Down the Silos of Care

Interoperability in healthcare is one of the biggest barriers facing our industry; many organizations are working with data that’s 30, 60 or even 90 days old, and it isn’t flowing across care teams. 

The solution is a simple connected medical management platform. That’s how you can serve your populations in the best way possible while keeping costs down, being proactive, and improving outcomes. And the technology should be easy to implement, easy to integrate, and easy to use. 

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Self- Service Medical Management

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The Power of a Partner Ecosystem

From auditing and compliance to educational content and community-based organizations that address social determinants, better care outcomes start with a seamlessly connected partner network.

We’ve built strategic partnerships that support every aspect of the care continuum playing into whole-person care: leading providers of health education content, innovative pioneers of data-driven decisions, and broad-reaching community organizations that address social determinants of health.

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Why an Ecosystem Matters

A comprehensive picture of every member

With the shift to value-based care, payers and providers are looking for ways to deliver even better care to those who need it most. We believe in bringing together industry leaders in health education, community services, and auditing & compliance on the same simple platform. Everything you need to support your members is a click away. And when the entire healthcare ecosystem is connected, outcomes improve – for everyone.

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The Future of Medical

Management Is Here