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Transitioning State Medicaid Programs to a Value-Based Managed Care Model
The healthcare system in the United States is dynamic. Beginning with the Affordable Care Act signed into law on March 23, 2010 under President Obama, there has been a push by the federal government to radically redesign the process of care delivery towards a value-based model of care, starting with Medicaid. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) provided individual states the freedom, via waivers, to experiment and design new ways of delivering value-based care for Medicaid beneficiaries. Download our report and learn how some states are implementing strategies to succeed with value-based managed care.
Navigating Social Determinants: A Population Health Perspective
Up to 80% of a patient's health is determined by non-clinical factors.* Recently, we hosted a webinar exploring how incorporating social determinants of health to improve outcomes can lead to cost savings. If you've been thinking about innovative approaches to whole person care, read how our partners Lyft and Community Care of North Carolina discuss how they've leveraged social determinants to drive real results.
Voices in Healthcare Finance: Aging in the Home and Population Health
Adam Sabloff, founder and CEO of VirtualHealth, discusses aging in the home on Healthcare Financial Management Association's podcast.
Navigating Social Determinants of Health
Up to 80% of a patient's health is determined by non-clinical factors.* That's a lot of room to make a difference. Our AHIP webinar explores how partners Lyft and Community Care of North Carolina (CCNC) are driving change. Learn how two leaders are implementing innovative approaches to proactive care!
*Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Gartner's Market Guide for Healthcare Payer Care Management Workflow Applications
Care management workflow applications form the operational backbone of payer population health management programs.
Frost & Sullivan 2017 Product Leadership Award
Learn about why Frost & Sullivan honored VirtualHealth for Product Leadership inPopulation Health Management, and how VirtualHealth delivers more value to its customers than any other company in the industry.
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Services for the UnderServed (SUS)
Explore how a New York City-based nonprofit organization achieved measurable results for people with behavioral issues through VirtualHealth's platform.
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NextLevel Health Partners
Learn how a national-award winning Medicaid plan in Illinois is leveraging VirtualHealth toredefine the state-of-the-art in supporting complex patient populations.
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In Pursuit Of The 360° Patient View
Discover the importance of creating an interactive 360 degree view of the patient, learn aboutthe associated technical and operational challenges in implementing such a solution, and explorehow leading healthcare organizations are harnessing this technology to realize key benefits.
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The 12 Criteria Of Population Management
Learn how the VirtualHealth performs vis-a-vis the 12 specific criteria recommended by HealthCatalyst, including registry management, patient attribution and engagement, risk management,and care team coordination, among others.
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VirtualHealth 2.0
Meet the next generation of VirtualHealth – the technology solution that has revolutionized the wayinnovative healthcare organizations manage complex populations in the context of value-basedcare.

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