Market Leading Capabilities for LTSS Populations

The HELIOS® platform offers a comprehensive solution suite for populations requiring long-term services and supports (LTSS). VirtualHealth has been providing capabilities to empower LTSS since its first commercial deployment and offers tremendous expertise in this arena. For example, we were the first to provide fully integrated transportation management from within a medical management platform.

HELIOS® is currently used to support LTSS programs across the country and the platform's expansive configurability enables clients to quickly tailor workflows and service authorizations to state-specific regulations. With the industry shift to value-based care, having a proven solution to support cost-effective operations that fully address the complex needs of LTSS populations has never been more critical.

See HELIOS In Action

Proven Track Record Across Highly Regulated Programs

Maximize program dollars, improve outcomes, and increase the quality of care through a platform that streamlines the identification and authorization of appropriate services and supports. HELIOS® makes it possible to easily administer LTSS-specific assessments, pre-populate service plans, capture attestations, auto-generate authorizations, and automate real-time reporting to ensure program and waiver compliance. Importantly, the platform ensures the appropriate coordination and integration of Medicare, Medicaid, and dual-eligible benefits.

Centralized Command-and-Control for Interdisciplinary Care Teams

LTSS populations are among the most complex, requiring a range of physical, behavioral, and home health interventions. Powerfully, the HELIOS® platform for LTSS offers a single point of entry for all care team members and provides real-time collaboration and communication to improve the participant’s quality of life. Configurable role-based access allows care managers, case workers, clinicians, caregivers, and third-party service providers to see a complete picture, including the integrated care and service plans.

Advanced provider search capabilities ensure that the right providers are selected based on geography, network, language, and other key considerations. Importantly, partnerships and direct integrations with electronic visit verification (EVV) vendors support timely reconciliation between services authorized and delivered.

Let us show you how HELIOS® provides the right tools for long-term care and supports improved quality of life for diverse populations.

Extraordinarily Configurable for an Evolving Regulatory Landscape

The HELIOS® platform is more than 80% configurable. This allows clients to remain agile and highly competitive when it comes to state-sponsored programs and waivers without requiring a significant expenditure of IT resources.

Streamlined Data Sharing and Management

HELIOS® pulls data through secure integrations and tracks the complete set of individualized needs, including assessments, medical needs, service plans, authorizations, and provider visits. Seamless data sharing maximizes transparency across the care team, including with utilization management teams, care coordinators, and behavioral health specialists.

Unparalleled Efficiency Through Intelligent Automation

Highly advanced and fully configurable robotic process automation (RPA) empowers care managers to focus on interaction, planning, and service optimization while avoiding many types of administrative overhead that can be instead performed with precision by computerized processes.


Person-Centered Services and Supports

HELIOS® is a whole person care management platform. Our approach to assessing and planning goes beyond basline activities of daily living (ADLs) and seeks to capture the full breadth of individualized care needs. Use extremely rich out-of-the-box assessment templates and workflows, or make modifications to tailor them precisely to your preferred service model.

LTSS Case Study

Meet Juan
Meet Juan
Juan is an 86-year-old male with diabetes and COPD. He uses a wheelchair and requires in-home assistance, supported by his health insurance LTSS benefit. With the right services and supports, Juan can continue to age at home and remain a vibrant part of his beloved community.
Juan’s Care Team
Juan’s Care Team
Juan has a care team consisting of a care manager, a home health aide, and a visiting nurse. Juan’s home health aide provides assistance with medications and activities of daily living, including bathing and grooming. Even though Juan has no connection to WiFi, anyone from the care team visiting his home can check tasks, complete assessments, manage medications, update and review the service plan, and perform other activities using the offline functionality of HELIOSgo®.
Real-Time Information
Real-Time Information
HELIOS® enables Juan’s entire care team to manage the full spectrum of his complex care needs. Recently, the visiting nurse saw that Juan’s ability to self-care declined. She made a note regarding the changes to his condition and updated the activity section of Juan’s service plan.
Automated Workflows
Automated Workflows
Once the updated service plan was automatically synced, HELIOS® business rules detected the change and populated an authorization request for the incremental home care services.
Intelligent Communication
Intelligent Communication
HELIOS® auto-approval rules engine with pre-configured parameters resulted in an automatic approval for the requested service augmentation and triggered an auto-generated approval letter to both Juan and the home health provider.

In Conclusion

The whole person approach of HELIOS® empowers Juan's care team to work together and fully address his complex needs while appropriately managing service levels and costs. It lets Juan remain independent in his home, enables him to continue seeing his preferred providers, and enhances his quality of life.