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Troy Medicare
September 14, 2022

Troy Medicare Selects HELIOS® to Drive Better Insights & Visibility for Medicare Advantage Populations

NEW YORK -- Troy Medicare has selected HELIOS® as their next-generation Medicare Advantage care management and utilization management platform, VirtualHealth announced today. Focused on providing affordable, comprehensive, and user-friendly Medicare Advantage plans for their members in North Carolina, Troy Medicare selected HELIOS due to its value-based, whole-person care design.

Specifically, HELIOS was chosen for its ability to seamlessly connect and leverage disparate sets of data to provide more detailed real-time views of patients, utilized services, and benefits that help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of care-based decisions.

“We are dedicated to delivering a simple, member-centered Medicare experience, and HELIOS will give us end-to-end visibility to continue to deliver on that goal,” said Jennifer Murphy, Vice President of Medical Management for Troy Medicare. “With enhanced reporting, we’ll gain deeper insights into nurse productivity and the enhanced ability to bring data together so our Care Management and Utilization Management teams can make the best decisions for our members’ care. This will help us deliver higher quality outcomes for our members, at lower costs.”

HELIOS better equips care managers and providers to make sure every Medicare Advantage plan member receives the right care at the right time by providing a single source of truth for member information and a full suite of platform-integrated tools for care delivery.

By gathering data from across the healthcare ecosystem, including medical, behavioral, social, and service information, HELIOS delivers a 360° view of each member in real time. Care teams can view each member’s history and current status at a glance, as well as leverage automated risk notifications and care tasks to help them make the most effective clinical decisions. For members on dual-eligible plans, HELIOS provides purpose-built Medicare Advantage tools to assist with care coordination, utilization management, and social determinants of health.

“We built the HELIOS platform with the vision of empowering better value-based care, and pioneering Medicare Advantage plans like Troy Medicare have been the source of so much innovation in our healthcare system. I am thrilled to announce our partnership with Troy Medicare, a fast-growing, purpose-driven organization. We’ve partnered with more than 10 new organizations in the past year, and we’re delighted to welcome Troy Medicare to our community,” said Adam Sabloff, founder and CEO of VirtualHealth. “Together, we are building the future of value-based care management.”

 VirtualHealth's clients often cite HELIOS's ease of use as a primary reason for selecting it. The platform's high level of configurability, AI-driven automations, and powerful data integrations deliver actionable insights and resources for care managers to better engage with members and save time on administrative tasks. HELIOS supports care coordination, disease management, utilization management, and population health.

For more information on HELIOS for Medicare, please click here.

About VirtualHealth

HELIOS® by VirtualHealth lets government health plans, commercial payers, health systems, and specialty providers streamline the administration of value-based care management. HELIOS allows healthcare teams to focus on providing better care and achieve better outcomes, improving both patient and employee satisfaction. HELIOS uses powerful data integrations and AI-driven workflows to enable better communication, improve efficiency, and help providers deliver the right care at the right time. Some of the largest and most innovative health organizations across the country use HELIOS for care management, disease management, utilization management, and behavioral health needs, for millions of members. To learn more, visit www.virtualhealth.com

About Troy Medicare

Troy Medicare is the fastest growing Medicare Advantage startup, serving low-income Medicare patients in the most underserved communities in the United States. By empowering local providers and pharmacies with its leading Troy.ai platform, each member receives the best, tailored, hyper-local care.

For more information on Troy Medicare, please visit http://www.troymedicare.com.

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