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November 16, 2021

Care Coordination Technology for the Future of Healthcare

What is Care Coordination?

Care coordination is the process of proactively managing a patient’s experience across parts of the healthcare ecosystem that are often otherwise disconnected. As a discipline, care coordination seeks to create a more proactive, whole-person focused healthcare experience that keeps the patient well, versus treating them when they are sick.

Care coordination is often associated with value-based models of care where the provider is incentivized on the overall health of their population versus the treatment of illness. Common healthcare activities coordinated through care coordination may include: 

Care Coordination is Integral to Value-Based Care

Time and time again, the healthcare industry has shown care coordination to be an essential pillar of value-based care. From reducing costs to breaking down silos amongst providers, care coordination provides organizations with numerous benefits that increase the efficiency of their efforts. To optimize whole-person and value-based care, healthcare must be impeccably organized. Care coordination makes value-based and whole-person care possible through a variety of key features, including: 

  • multi-source data aggregation 
  • intelligent workflows 
  • timely communication

Such features ensure seamless cooperation between all checkpoints in the healthcare continuum. To allow for the best possible health outcomes, member needs must be identified and flagged at the correct moment. With the seamless integration of diverse platforms care coordination provides, optimal health outcomes are easier to achieve. 

HELIOS® is the Future of Care Coordination

The HELIOS® application is a centralized platform that promotes care coordination and collaboration at each step in the healthcare process. Members, care managers, and providers stay connected throughout the patient journey through a series of event-driven triggers synched up with live admission, discharge, and transfer (ADT) feeds. These workflows are designed to notify care managers in real-time of significant patient events, as well as the next best course of action. Members can also keep in touch with their providers in a safe and convenient manner through built-in, HIPAA-compliant telehealth capabilities. HELIOS® provides highly organized care coordination capabilities that make the healthcare process as seamless as possible for all parties involved, from payers and providers to patients themselves. 

HELIOS® Improves Care Coordination Efficiency

HELIOS® benefits care coordinators in particular because its design eliminates administrative overhead. The platform accomplishes error-prone administrative tasks traditionally done manually, such as task prompting and data inputting, through its automated tasking and universal field pre-population capabilities. All initial data gathered from new members in assessments and other documents prompts a trigger that auto-populates this information into all relevant current and future fields. Navigation is also a breeze, as no action is more than two clicks away. Thanks to integrations with third-party technologies, wearables, and connected devices, care coordinators always have the most up-to-date member information. Such features ensure the highest rates of efficiency and productivity for your organization. Click here to learn more about HELIOS® Care Management and Care Coordination technology so your team can gain efficiency, improve member outcomes, and provide members the best care in a more timely fashion.

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