Transforming the Lives of Individuals with Disabilities
Innovative assessment-driven analytics
to optimize care and support community integration
for the intellectually and developmentally disabled.
Complex Populations
Caring for developmentally disabled individuals presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities.
VirtualHealth has collaborated with a number of the largest and most innovative human service agencies in the country to develop technology for an evidence-based care model that supports better quality care and progressively greater independence for these complex populations.
Data-Driven Approaches
VirtualHealth leverages proprietary point-of-care assessments to capture actionable data regarding how behaviors respond to interventions.
By overlaying this data with advanced analytics, the platform provides insights regarding the impact of interventions at the population, sub-group, and individual levels, providing a critical and up-to-the-minute feedback loop.
Improved Outcomes
Providers who leveraged VirtualHealth to track the effects of treatments and optimize interventions reported significant impact on outcomes.
Progressions to less restrictive settings, reductions in caregiver ratios, and greater community integration resulted in significant improvements in quality of life for consumers and their families while decreasing care costs by as much as 50%.
Proven Technology Solutions to Enhance Care
for the Most Complex Populations