Strong Capabilities for Home Health & Home Care

With a rising elderly population, more patients than ever are trying to age at home. Home health and home care organizations play an essential role in supporting this demographic shift. Empowering individuals to remain within the community has been a key part of VirtualHealth's mission to make healthcare more proactive and we were one of the first to work closely with electronic visit verification (EVV) vendors to ensure close integration between managed care organizations and home health providers. Today, the HELIOS® platform offers a broad range of capabilities for home health and home care management to both payers and providers.

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Comprehensive Medical Management in the Palm of Your Hand

Home health nurses and home care workers who tirelessly travel to patient homes are true heroes and deserve the best technology. The HELIOSgo® mobile application was built specifically for the specialized needs of field staff. The application is tablet optimized, fully integrated with the HELIOS® platform, and offers a full feature set in both online and offline mode. That means even in patient locations that lack internet connectivity or mobile coverage, field workers can fully assess, plan, track, and document their activities.


Enhanced Outreach & Engagement with One Click Telehealth

In response to the early impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, VirtualHealth was the first enterprise medical management platform to offer a fully integrated telehealth product: HELIOSvisit. Millions of virtual visits later, telehealth has become the new normal and offers tremendous efficiencies for situations that do not require being on-site. With HELIOSvisit, just put in the patient's phone or email and click a button - it's that easy. Best of all, the patient does not need to download or install any specialized software.

24/7 Monitoring Need Not Require a 24/7 Physical Presence

VirtualHealth was the first company of its kind to integrate with connected devices and the HELIOS® platform can capture data from the spectrum of sensors, including wearables, stationary trackers, and hubs. From data aggregation to triage to automated workflows, VirtualHealth can stand up end-to-end remote monitoring programs for the full range of home health use cases.

Insights from the Field: the Wedge Strategy

For many patient populations, the highest complexity and highest risk 5% are responsible for more than 50% of that population's total healthcare costs. Over the past few years, we have observed the wedge strategy gain traction in offering organizations a strategy for addressing this imbalance. To learn more, please download the whitepaper.

Insights from the Field: the Wedge Strategy