A Quick Overview of HELIOSum

Thank you for requesting a demo of HELIOSum! After you watch this quick demo of HELIOSum feel free to connect with our team about any questions you may have, or to talk about how HELIOSum could help your organization to improve your UM program for cost-saving efficiencies, improved patient care, and other great benefits.

Automated UM to Drive Efficiency, Timeliness, and Accuracy

With HELIOSum, Medicare, Medicaid, community, and commercial health plans can unlock more efficient, value-based care that improves member outcomes and satisfaction, while also providing the below UM improvements.

  • Faster authorizations
  • Streamlined utilization reviews, appeals, and grievances
  • Efficient data management, with no duplication of effort across teams
  • Reduced risk of human error (and less stress for staff!)
  • Healthier, happier members
  • Higher plan satisfaction ratings
  • Automated prior authorization capabilities