Improve Member Engagement With Secure Text Messaging

HELIOStext enables convenient, secure outbound text message communication from the care team to individual members directly from the HELIOS® platform. Through texting, care managers can increase the frequency of proactive communication with members, making care gaps easier to identify, address, and close. 

SMS gives care teams more opportunities to reach members, who are then more likely to engage through their preferred channel. By improving member engagement, increasing proactive outreach, and closing gaps sooner, HELIOStext can drastically help your care teams improve their members' outcomes.

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Simplify & Expedite Outbound Communications

When you integrate text messaging into your care management program, you can help members become more proactively engaged and improve care team productivity.

  • Identify and close care gaps earlier, faster. With a proactive, omnichannel approach, care teams can more easily communicate with members and close identified care gaps faster.
  • Improve member health outcomes. Enabling members to get the care they need faster with HELIOStext keeps members actively engaged and creates better health outcomes.
  • Maximize care team efficiency and efficacy. The most intuitive UX in the industry helps care teams work more efficiently. Dynamic fields, templates, and notification banners highlight the most vital information in a few clicks.
  • Provide your members with more personalized choices. Text messaging empowers members to engage via their preferred communication methods, as well as the power to opt-out.
  • Increase member engagement and action. Text messaging open rates can be as much as 98% higher than other, comparable channels.
Simplify Outbound Communications

Here's How HELIOStext Works:

Best-in-Class Telehealth Solutions Purpose-Built for Care Team Efficiency

When healthcare organizations leverage HELIOStext and the greater HELIOS® ecosystem, they have access to the most robust patient engagement solution on the market. Designed to provide care management teams with a complete 360° view of the member, care teams can leverage HELIOS® to access all available behavioral, social, medical, and additional third-party data on any member in their panel. 

By extending that robust data set to include multiple forms of outbound communication, care teams gain an efficient, all-in-one platform that lets them spend more time engaging members and less time switching between platforms or searching for the most up-to-date information. Request a demo today and see how your organization can benefit from HELIOStext for better, more streamlined member communications.

Schedule a Free HELIOStext Demo

Schedule a Free HELIOStext Demo

See how your organization can benefit from HELIOStext for better, more streamlined outbound member communications.

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