Make Telehealth Easy for Members and the Care Team

HELIOSvisit ensures a simplified telehealth experience for members. This secure and integrated solution allows members and their care teams to connect directly through the HELIOS® platform—no downloads or additional software required. The care team can easily initiate a call with a single click from a user's profile. Members can attend their videoconference by simply clicking a link received via email or text message.


By Leveraging HELIOSvisit, Clients Have Seen: 

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HELIOSvisit allows the care team to easily start and log a call with a single click from the member's profile. This simplicity helps the care team focus on the member and spend less time on administrative tasks.

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To join a call, members simply click a link in an email or text message. HELIOSvisit is browser-based, so there's no complicated software to download, ensuring a simple experience with fewer tech issues.

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HELIOSvisit is integrated with the HELIOS® care management platform, so care teams can easily access members' care gaps, tasks, and personalized care plans to quickly make informed decisions.

A Tailored Solution for a Tailored Approach

Video Conferencing


Members can join a videoconference from any device with a high-speed internet connection and a web browser including computers, smartphones, and tablets.




The member doesn't need to download additional software or create a user profile to access the videoconference, they can simply click a link to join in their browser.

File Exchange


Care managers can easily exchange files with members, ensuring complete transparency between all parties involved in the care process. 




HELIOSvisit is HIPAA-compliant and has secure video conferencing, chat and file exchange capabilities. Additionally, as part of the HELIOS® ecosystem, it meets HITRUST’s criteria as the gold standard of information security.

Telehealth is the way of the future and by providing this enhanced service, care management organizations can increase engagement and provide care to members who may otherwise have only received services telephonically.

- Lori Coates
Director of Population Health

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