The Leading Platform for Whole Person Care

HELIOS® by VirtualHealth is the first platform purpose-built to address whole-person care and value-based models. HELIOS® offers an integrated, user-friendly, and ground-breaking approach to all facets of care coordination, disease management, utilization management, and population health management.

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The Leading Platform for Whole Person Care

Unified Ecosystem for the Modern Care Team

The HELIOS® platform provides broad spectrum visibility across the entirety of the healthcare continuum and enables unparalleled collaboration, coordination and care delivery. By connecting the entire care team across one integrated ecosystem, organizations can go far beyond traditional care, disease and utilization management. Documented improvements in efficiency, transparency, and productivity are near 100%.

Administrators & Supervisors

Program administrators can perform full platform configuration to tailor templates, workflows, analytics, settings, and parameters for bespoke care models that meet operational, clinical, and regulatory requirements. In turn, supervisors can manage workforces and activities with powerful tools and business intelligence dashboards.

Care Managers & Coordinators

Care team members across disciplines have access to an unprecedented suite of integrated tools, including comprehensive whole person views, real-time integrations, and intelligent automation that removes administrative overhead. Everything is one to two clicks away and the next best action is served up automatically.

Providers & Clinicians

Providers, along with their clinical and support staff, can access a more complete picture of the patient than available within the limitations of their clinical systems. Further, they can directly engage with the care team on authorization requests, claim status, and care planning, including referrals, interventions, and medication management.

Caregivers & Family

Via HELIOS®, authorized caregivers and family members have the opportunity to engage directly with the broader care team. With configurable role-based access, organizations can ensure that caregivers have the right information to be full participants in the care management process.


With its dedicated web/mobile apps, content and reward capabilities, interactive forms, connected device integrations, and omnichannel communications, HELIOS® offers a leading technology suite for engaging program participants in their healthcare journeys.

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The Secure Choice

HELIOS® is the HITRUST certified cloud platform for care, disease, utilization and population health management. Absolute commitment to information security underpins our proven track record in supporting the world's largest healthcare organizations.

The Secure Choice
Omnichannel & Mobile

Omnichannel & Mobile

VirtualHealth's solutions empower outreach along all major electronic and paper channels. From secure video and chat to faxes and letters, HELIOS® automated and real-time communications have you covered. And our suite of mobile apps make sure your teams can stay equally productive in the office and on the go, online and offline.

One-Click Telehealth

Imagine being able to initiate a HIPAA-compliant video visit with one click. Imagine if the recipient could join with one click as well, from text or email, with no apps to download and no wait time. Imagine having the interaction automatically documented. We not only imagined it - we built it. This is the power of HELIOSvisit®.

Unparalleled Interoperability

Whether via HL7 FHIR standards or custom connectors, HELIOS® integrates the richest cross-silo data in healthcare. Third party assessments, ADTs, authorizations, benefits, claims, clinical summaries, educational content, encounters, enrollment, EVVs, networks, providers, referrals and risks are just a small sample of near real-time data we exchange every second across millions of records.

One-Click Telehealth

Empowering Engagement

With dedicated HELIOS® apps, individuals can engage with their care teams, manage medications, view care plans, complete surveys, review educational material, exchange secure communications, and so much more. VirtualHealth empowers organizations to progress from theory to practice with engagement, reducing ER visits and hospital readmissions, improving satisfaction and quality of life, and controlling costs while improving outcomes.

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation

Double the productivity of your care teams with the industry's most advanced robotic process automation (RPA). Every triggering event, gating criteria, and business rule is fully configurable. HELIOS® gives you total control over your operational model while ensuring that your staff's time is freed to focus fully on delivering care.

Most Configurable Platform Ever

HELIOS® is the most configurable platform in the market - nearly 90% configurable out-of-the-box with point-and-click tools that can be leveraged by any business user. While simple to learn, these administrative tools offer precision control over the industry's most sophisticated templates, advanced rule engines, and automated workflows.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

With long-range planning and agile development, VirtualHealth keeps its clients at the forefront of medical management. Our approach to innovation has two foundational pillars: the user and the individual. How can we make the user's experience better and enhance their ability to improve the lives of every individual under their care?

Built with the User in Mind

Why do so many healthcare systems used in the 21st century look like their user interfaces were designed in the 20th? With HELIOS® users get an up-to-date, responsive and intuitive user experience (UX). Fewer clicks and views calibrated for comfort mean happier users. For us, UX is not an afterthought - it's the first thought.

Built with the User in Mind

React to Events in Real Time

Healthcare is dynamic - can you afford your medical management system to be static? From re-enrollments to admissions, discharges and transfers (ADTs) to authorization requests to risk scores to hundreds of other occurrence types, HELIOS® configurable triggers respond to events in real time, offering peace of mind to your care teams and the individuals they support.

Report on Metrics that Matter

Reporting and analytics are fundamental; that is why HELIOS® provides multiple ways to visualize and export all data. From built-in views and configurable dashboards to embedded business intelligence (BI) tools and Excel downloads to custom exports and real-time database replicas, VirtualHealth ensures clients have everything necessary to support operations, quality and compliance.

The Leading Platform for Whole Person Care

A Better Way to Manage Utilization

We believe that our healthcare workers deserve the best technology, and nowhere is this more true than utilization management (UM), where legacy systems have long been the norm. HELIOSum offers a high-powered, state-of-the-art alternative: faster, easier, and far more integrated and automated. With streamlined intake, in-context clinical standards, powerful auto-approval engines, configurable guideline templates, integrated correspondence, and so many more of the features your teams want. Designed by UM experts for UM experts, this is a complete reimagining of everything that a great UM platform can be.

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