Empowering Health Systems to Achieve the Quadruple Aim

The quadruple aim of healthcare seeks to improve health outcomes, reduce costs, and enhance the experience for both patients and providers. VirtualHealth has been empowering healthcare organizations to meet these objectives for nearly a decade.

With respect to improving health outcomes, the HELIOS® platform offers unparalleled automation and intelligent workflows that ensure standards are maintained across each facet of clinical operations, particularly for distributed and diverse care teams with disparate experiences and differing levels of expertise.

With respect to reducing costs, the HELIOS® platform has been proven to offer significant improvements in productivity and transparency. Staff can oversee much larger caseloads with far greater effectiveness by leveraging HELIOS® than by using legacy technologies.

With respect to enhancing the patient experience, the HELIOS® platform supports proactive engagement, omnichannel communication, and digital journeys via its patient-centric portals and mobile apps. In addition, HELIOS® integrates with connected devices, enabling patients to establish direct connections to their personal smart sensors.

With respect to improving the provider experience, the HELIOS® platform offers an ecosystem for the entire interdsciplinary care team, including dedicated authorization requests, appeals, clinical management, dashboarding, and claims tracking tools for providers.

Better Technology for Higher Quality Care

Health systems are uniquely positioned to break down traditional healthcare silos and develop a view of the whole person. The challenge is industry infrastructure and legacy systems designed to work with data slices rather than aggregates.

Fortunately, the HELIOS® platform is an industry leader when it comes to assembling a 360 degree view of each patient from disparate data points. Leveraging its platform, VirtualHealth has successfully pieced together real-time exchanges encompassing dozens of systems for the country's largest healthcare organizations.

A Platform That More Than Pays for Itself

The HELIOS® platform provides best-in-class robotic process automation (RPA) that has been demonstrated to nearly double productivity. This means lower turnaround times, higher caseloads, and faster gap closure. From value-based performance to FTE requirements, VirtualHealth has a proven track record of empowering healthcare organizations to cut costs without cutting corners. Imagine what your staff could do if 50% of their time was freed up to focus on delivering care rather than performing administrative tasks.

A Platform That More Than Pays for Itself
Engagement That is More Than a Buzzword

Engagement That is More Than a Buzzword

In the healthcare industry, patient engagement is as popular to discuss as it is difficult to attain. VirtualHealth is proud to walk the walk on engagement through fully integrated telehealth capabilities, user-friendly patient apps, and omnichannel communications.

In addition, the HELIOS® platform integrates with best-in-class education, community resource, and connected device offerings while a native rewards module supports incentives for self-care. Schedule a demo and we would love to show you our engagement tools!

Satisfied Care Teams Mean Happier Patients

Your care team is passionate about helping patients to live healthier lives and receive the care they need. Given the demands of their daily work, they deserve the best tools. The HELIOS® platform has been proven to reduce the adminstrative burden on care teams through data aggregation, process automation, and workflow optimization.

This ease of use enables care team members and clinicians to spend more time helping more patients, leading to increased job satisfaction and meaningful reductions in burnout.

What's Next for Patient-Centered Technology?

Improving quality, reducing costs, and enhancing patient and staff satisfaction is a considerable challenge for any health system, but the right software can make this a reality. Learn more about how HELIOS® can support the quadruple aim. 

Whats Next for Patient Centered Technology?