HELIOS® for Chronic Disease Management

Persons living with chronic conditions account for a significant share of healthcare spending. Effective disease management can provide better outcomes and reduce the costs of caring for those suffering from chronic illnesses.

The configurable set of disease management workflows and capabilities in HELIOS® was designed to improve the health of those living with chronic conditions while reducing unnecessary utilization and avoidable complications, such as emergency room visits. At the same time, its unparalleled flexibility allows healthcare organizations to quickly adapt to change as disease management programs expand and evolve.

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HELIOS® for Chronic Disease Management

Deliver Quality Care for Higher Complexity and High Risk Patients

HELIOS® proactively finds individuals who can benefit from disease management via advanced identification and stratification algorithms. The platform offers first-, second-, and third-level assessments with branching logic and scoring to capture increasingly detailed and specialized information regarding the presence and treatment of key diagnoses and comorbidities. In turn, these intelligent assessments auto-populate a person-centered care plan using configurable automation. The end result is a highly optimized process with built-in clinical decision-making using evidence-based best practices.

Precision Crafted Capabilities for Optimal Care Delivery

Automated referral creation, episode generation, assignment, and tasking means that staff no longer have to spend hours poring over longitudinal records to identify candidates for disease management programs. At the same time, each step of the interaction, assessment, and care planning process support manual overrides that enable staff to further personalize goals, barriers, and interventions. This intelligent design ensures proper guidance, support, and monitoring and provides the best opportunity to drive sustained behavior change.

Complete Focus and Personalization for Each Participant

Your population is made up of unique individuals who deserve care tailored to their specific needs. HELIOS® leverages multi-source data to build insights that improve the health outcomes for many individuals in your populations while materially lowering the costs of providing care. The platform makes it possible to combine a 360° view with powerful analytics to deliver the most targeted, personalized and proven interventions.

Effective disease management for the highest complexity individuals frequently necessitates a multidisciplinary care team that may include such roles as care managers, clinicians, pharmacists, behavioral health specialists, and social workers. As a complete medical management platform, HELIOS® enables each role to work within the same ecosystem, interact with authorized information via role-based access, and contribute to educating, guiding, and treating high complexity participants.

HELIOS® allows care teams to collaborate effectively on providing the additional support that disease management program enrollees require to properly manage their conditions and comorbidities. Beyond identification, assessment, and care planning, HELIOS® allows staff to schedule home visits, engage in secure videoconferences, and order a broad range of services to support individuals living with chronic conditions.

A Comprehensive Toolkit for Disease Management

  • Broad spectrum data integrations
  • Diagnosis based referrals
  • Configurable assessments
  • Adjustable scoring & logic
  • Automated workflows
  • Contact capture
  • Tailored care plans
  • Integrated educational content
  • Self-service & reporting
  • Omnichannel communications
  • Connected devices
  • Content library
A Comprehensive Toolkit for Disease Management

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A Complete Whole Person View of Each and Every Individual

A Complete Whole Person View of Each and Every Individual

Appropriately managing individuals with chronic conditions means understanding their day-to-day lifestyle and self-care choices. HELIOS® enables the capture of data from an unparalleled breadth of sources, including ADT, assessment, authorization, claim, clinical, community, EMR, HIE, lab, pharmacy, and connected device sources, among many others. The result is a complete picture of not only each individual's chronic conditions and comorbidities, but their entire set of interactions and gaps relative to the care continuum.

Ultimately, real-time integrations, remote monitoring, and automatic workflows lead to more appropriate and timely interventions. A collaborative and interactive digital workspace enables social services, medication management strategies, and educational outreach to ensure optimal support for each individual in their personal disease management process.

Empower Individuals with Self-Care Tools while Maximizing Engagement

When individuals play an active role in supporting their own health, everyone wins. The HELIOS® platform provides multiple pathways for individuals to engage with care teams and to participate in self-care activities.

HELIOS® allows care teams to securely communicate with individuals via secure video, text, and correspondence, and easily share educational materials through a dedicated portal and mobile application. At the same time, individuals have full access to personalized information and tailored care plans. They can view treatment and medication goals, and document and track self-care activities. The unprecedented transparency, interactivity, and unity offered by the platform encourages individuals to be more engaged in every facet of their healthcare process.

Advanced features such as community resource integration, provider directories, and rewards systems allow organizations to provide individuals with a comprehensive digital ecosystem to address all of their needs and questions while offering incentives for completing well visits, receiving regular check-ups, and addressing care gaps. This robust engagement, particularly for higher risk individuals living with chronic conditions, teaches them how to better manage their conditions and equips them with the confidence, knowledge, and tools to improve their quality of life.