Comprehensive Data Interoperability Across Patients, Providers, Payers, and Participants

Data & Interoperability

Enterprise Data Store

A proprietary adaptive data model couples enterprise domain breadth and depth with the agility of specialized data marts to deliver a flexible and scalable solution.

VirtualHealth supports every facet of healthcare data, including enrollment, eligibility, provider, network, EMR/clinical, pharmacy, claims, authorizations, assessment, program, risk, quality, and many others to create a new depth of insight.

Proven Interoperability

The platform provides a reliable and secure data backbone across dozens of disparate integrations and is trusted by the largest healthcare organizations.

Bi-directionally exchange real-time and batch data across the full range of standard and proprietary formats including HL7, X12 EDI, system-specific XML, JSON, and flat files.

Custom Interfaces

We perform data exchange in the counterparty system’s preferred format and channel.

Interfaces are delivered with unparalleled speed and reliability.


Setting New Standards