Commercial Health Plans

A Single Enterprise View for Complete Care Management

VirtualHealth offers an NCQA-validated population health solution for all types of commercial health plans. HELIOS provides comprehensive care management, disease management, and utilization management capabilities along with a full suite of proven tools for member engagement. The HELIOS platform improves clinical value by empowering the front-line care team with a solution that streamlines person-centered care, improves care coordination, and integrates social determinants of health.

By leveraging a 360° view in a single record of the member, commercial health plans can effectively route complex cases, automate real-time service decisions, and deliver a highly personalized healthcare experience centered around their members. The HELIOS platform helps to manage the entire care continuum for all healthcare members, from the most complex, vulnerable populations to the healthiest.

Move from Information Silos to a Single Cross-Enterprise View
A Tailored Plan to Focus on the Member

A Tailored Plan to Focus on the Member

VirtualHealth allows health plans to easily configure the HELIOS platform into a solution tailored to their members’ needs. Automated workflows and data integration improve efficiency by reducing human error and decreasing the amount of administrative work so that practitioners can focus on the member. A separate member portal provides robust bi-directional communication tools including the opportunity to text, video chat, and share educational materials directly with members. Increased transparency, cross-functional communication, and actionable insights improve outcomes and lower costs.