Integrated Team-Based Tools for the Entire Care Team

Collaboration & Engagement

Bring Together the Entire Care Team for a Whole Person Focus.

Care Team Collaboration and

VirtualHealth enables focused collaboration and coordination within the patient’s care team and provides broad visibility across the overall healthcare management organization.

Team access to inquiries, case notes, assessments, care plans, tasks, alerts, clinical histories, communications, and authorizations empowers continuity of care while role-based access controls ensure HIPAA compliance at every point.

Communication Tools

Care, disease, and utilization management activities automatically trigger correspondence and all communications are retained in the platform for easy retrieval to support operational reporting and retrospective audit.

The platform allows organizations to seamlessly deliver custom content when and where it is needed in the form of letters, faxes, emails, and text messages.

Patient Engagement

Patients have access to a dedicated portal where they can interface with the care team, schedule services, and engage in rewards programs.

To optimally support all populations, the platform enables multiple channels of communication, including video conferencing, secure messaging, native applications, video content, and educational materials.


Setting New Standards