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Through its formative years, the VirtualHealth team had a simple goal: to build the world's best care management platform. The result was HELIOS®, representing more than a decade of innovation based on market feedback, client pain points, and the latest technologies. Built for whole person care, optimized for value-based models, and designed with the user in mind, HELIOS® has garnered industry accolades and awards and been adopted by the country's largest and most forward thinking healthcare organizations. The platform's modular design, intuitive interface and unparalleled automation mean your care management team can spend less time on administrative tasks and more time engaging with members.

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Higher Quality Across Significantly Larger Caseloads

VirtualHealth has transformed care management with ground-breaking intelligent robotic process automation (RPA) tools. Comprehensive and fully configurable, the HELIOS® RPA suite allows teams to double caseload sizes while improving quality. From enrollment to referral to outreach to assessment to care plan and beyond, care managers are offered an unprecedented level of efficiency.

Higher Quality Across Significantly Larger Caseloads
The User Experience is not an Afterthought, but our First Thought

The User Experience is not an Afterthought, but our First Thought

Care managers are absolutely essential for effective healthcare - it is high time we give them the technology they deserve. At VirtualHealth, we believe in simple, beautiful and intuitive user interfaces. Care managers have enough on their plates without having to spend hours clicking and typing to accomplish simple tasks. With the HELIOS® platform, unneeded fields are hidden, navigation is easy, and everything (yes, everything) is just one or two clicks away.

Technology Designed Specifically for Whole Person Care

Research has shown that non-clinical factors can determine up to 80% of a person’s health. For this reason, in designing our family of products, we considered not just physical health, but also behavioral, not just clinical data, but also social determinants.

From providing out-of-the-box validated assessments to incorporating non-clinical risks to integrating community resources, the HELIOS® platform offers everything your extended care team needs to provide care management for the whole person.

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What Our Clients Say

We spent a lot of time trying to find the right solution for our care management program. We even tried to build something ourselves. HELIOS® was the first solution we found that had everything we were looking for. The vendor seemed to have thought of everything. We have been happy with the vendor, and the product has worked how we envisioned it to.

2021 KLAS Payer Care Management Study

How HELIOS® Works

Sandra Feels Unwell
Sandra Feels Unwell
Several weeks ago, Sandra suffered from severe abdominal pain.
A New Episode of Care
A New Episode of Care
Sandra called for an ambulance to go to the ER and was admitted for an emergency appendectomy.
360° Member View
360° Member View
Several days after her discharge, Sandra missed her follow-up appointment. HELIOS® automatically alerted Julia, Sandra’s care manager, that Sandra did not make it to her appointment.
Identifying Member Needs
Identifying Member Needs
Julia reached out to Sandra and learned that she missed her appointment because she has no access to transportation.
On-Demand Services
On-Demand Services
Julia scheduled Sandra a ride through HELIOS® and Sandra received an alert in the member portal for her ride to her re-scheduled appointment.
Proactive Care
Proactive Care
Two days later, Sandra went to her follow-up appointment. Her physician noticed a complication and prescribed her medication to treat it. If untreated, it could have landed her back in the ER.
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