Integrated Care Management for Behavioral Needs

Recent years have brought an ever-growing acknowledgment of the criticality of behavioral needs and their importance in supporting whole-person care. The HELIOS® platform provides powerful tools for assessing and addressing behavioral health ranging from counseling to addictions treatment to mental health issues. The platform has been effectively leveraged to coordinate integrated behavioral concerns in diverse populations as well as to manage highly specialized intellectual and developmental disability (IDD) cohorts.

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Up to 80% of Health Determinants are Social and Behavioral

Up to 80% of Health Determinants are Social and Behavioral

Studies show that social determinants of health (SDoH) and behavioral challenges can be far more impactful than physical issues for large segments of the population. Yet, many healthcare technologies still place a vast majority of their focus on physical health exclusively. VirtualHealth was among the first to build out integrated assessments, pathways, and workflows optimized for SDoH and behavioral concerns, offering healthcare organizations the ability to pursue a holistic approach.

Download the VirtualHealth white paper to learn how industry leaders like Lyft and Community Care of North Carolina are driving change by implementing innovative approaches to proactive care.

Navigating SDoH: A Population Health Perspective

Personal Challenges Require a Personalized Care Plan

With the HELIOS® platform, your organization can leverage end-to-end workflows that support the capture of behavioral health needs, automated enrollment in specialized programs, and intelligent generation of the person-centered care plan. Care goals and interventions are tailored by the platform to each individual's assessed behavioral challenges and care managers can easily make further adjustments, ensuring an optimal fit for each case.

Better Technology Means Higher Quality at Lower Costs

In general care management settings, the HELIOS® platform has demonstrated a near doubling of productivity. In IDD settings, the platform has been shown to reduce healthcare costs up to 50% by supporting progressions to less restrictive settings, reductions in caregiver ratios, and greater community integration. Schedule a demo today to find out how HELIOS® optimizes operations while supporting regulatory quality measures for managed behavioral care.

Better Mental Health Outcomes through Whole Person Care

Watch our webinar to learn how industry leaders UPMC, VirtualHealth, and Quartet Health are combining whole person care with powerful technology to better integrate behavioral and physical health care teams. These efforts have resulted in UPMC reducing utilization rates by 4.2% and minimizing medical expenses by 6.8%, while improving patient outcomes.

Support Behavioral Health Through Deeper Engagement

Locating and engaging the patient is essential for assessing and improving behavioral health. The HELIOS® platform provides powerful telehealth through HELIOSvisit®, interaction, and engagement tools to make this possible. From face-to-face visits and telehealth to telephonic and email outreach to correspondence and caregiver involvement, HELIOS® empowers the care manager with a truly omnichannel toolkit.

From Person-Centered Problems to Organization-Level Insights

The HELIOS® platform empowers organizations to effectively manage both individual cases and population trends within a single ecosystem. In turn, this ensures a continuous feedback loop between management level insights and front line care delivery. Such an analysis-driven approach to behavioral health workflows is particularly important in the context of value-based care.

Client Spotlight: Vaya Health

Our goal was to find a technology partner with the solutions to optimally support data-driven, person-centered care and VirtualHealth’s platform consistently rose to the top of our rankings. The HELIOS platform has a proven track record in North Carolina for integrating data sources, delivering intelligent workflows and driving care team efficiencies, which we believe will improve the effectiveness of our care teams and, ultimately, the quality of care delivered to our members.

Robert Webb, EVP and CIO of Vaya