A Platform That Fully Supports Behavioral Health

Behavioral health has emerged as a critical function of the healthcare continuum like never before. Care teams play an imperative role in bridging the gap between mental health and clinical care, requiring a solution that allows them to work seamlessly across both domains. The HELIOS® platform addresses this requirement head on by providing a whole person view, comprehensive assessments, and collaborative workflows that empower teams to proactively address both physical and behavioral needs. From large-scale community-based populations to facility-based cohorts with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), HELIOS® has been leveraged to manage the full continuum of care.

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Drive Better Outcomes with a Whole Person Approach

The whole person approach is changing how we think about healthcare and transforming regulatory frameworks, medical methodologies, and clinical operations. By using the HELIOS® platform, the country's leading healthcare organizations - including both those that were traditionally more physical health focused and those that were more behavioral health focused - have successfully transitioned toward more holistic medical management models.

If you are interested in learning more about the whole person approach, we warmly welcome you to listen to our webinar with UPMC and Quartet Health titled  "Better Mental Health Outcomes Through Whole Person Care".

Dedicated Suite of Behavioral Health Tools

Unlike other care management solutions where behavioral health is an add-on, VirtualHealth offers behavioral health as a core capability. A number of our initial clients were national innovators in the highly complex and resource-intensive IDD space and this early-stage collaboration ensured that behavioral health was given tremendous focus in the development of the HELIOS® platform. From our libraries of patient health questionnaires (PHQ) and behavioral-focused care plans to our protected diagnoses and regulatory reporting capabilities to our deep in-house expertise and notable client partnerships around behavioral health, we offer a proven track record in this critical area of medical management.

Dedicated Suite of Behavioral Health Tools

Dedicated Suite of Behavioral Health Tools

Care and Utilization Management for Behavioral Health

The HELIOS® platform supports comprehensive medical management for behavioral health. Configurable workflows can auto-identify behavioral issues, auto-create referrals, auto-assign behavioral health specialists, auto-generate appropriate tasks and assessment recommendations, and auto-populate care plans. On the utilization management side, similarly adjustable end-to-end processes ensure appropriate and timely actions from intake to review to determination to notification.

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Leverage the HELIOS® Selected Behavioral Health Capabilities

Real-time Referral
Real-time referral generation based on automated identification of behavioral health risk factors and diagnoses from multiple data feeds
Automated workflows
Automated workflows to ensure timely outreach and interventions for the spectrum of high-risk cases and situations
Specialized Handling
Specialized handling for protected and sensitive diagnoses, a key requirement for PHI encompassing mental health
Evidence Based
Evidence-based, configurable assessments specifically designed for behavioral and mental health conditions
Intelligent Care
Intelligent care plan auto-population based on assessment responses and risk scores, ensuring personalized goals and interventions
Data-Driven Approach to Optimizing Care

Data-Driven Approach to Optimizing Care

HELIOS® leverages specially built point-of-care assessments and trackers to capture actionable data regarding how members respond to interventions. By overlaying this data with advanced analytics, the platform provides insights regarding the impact of interventions on behavior to optimize care for high-risk members. To learn more, please see our whitepaper,  "Data-Driven Healthcare".

Proven Improvements in Behavioral Health Outcomes

HELIOS® has made a major impact for organizations leveraging its capabilities to support behavioral health management. Certain clients have reduced care costs by up to 50% through expedited progressions to lower expense settings, enhanced regulatory compliance, greater community integration, improved medication adherence, and reductions in care manager caseloads with no adverse impact on quality.

Proven Improvements in Behavioral Health Outcomes