Leverage Analytics to Manage Risks and Improve Productivity

Predictive analytics & Reporting

Transcend the Complexity of Clinical and Operational Risk with Powerful Insights.

Risk Management

The platform supports the breadth of risk stratification algorithms, including both clinical groupers (HCC, CDPS) and assessment-based stratification (HRS, HRA).

Beyond simply reporting standard metrics, the platform provides custom risk measures, and risk-based triggers. Transform passive risk information into proactive programming, interventions, and outreach.

Predictive risk analysis utilizes targeted multi-factor models that provide the risk-adjusted forward-looking cost of each case.

Actionable Intelligence

Gain a holistic view of the patient across all episodes of care to determine the appropriate interventions and drive down avoidable re-admissions.

Visualize the healthcare data to uncover hidden patterns that lead to new insights across the patient population which help deliver better outcomes.

Custom Reporting

VirtualHealth provides out-of-the box standard reporting around quality measures, productivity, clinical and operational data, caseload and workflow summaries, utilization and service management, and patient cohorts. Custom dashboards display relevant reports and information for users.

Additionally, the platform provides configurable ad hoc reporting capabilities that can be customized for client needs.


Setting New Standards