Emphasizing the “Service” in

As impressive as the platform is the full suite of implementation, customization, and support services provided

Not just an end-to-end platform but end-to-end solutioning delivered by a dedicated teamConnect with Us
Intuitive and easy-to-use…with real understanding of what service coordinators need when they’re in the field”
– VP Clinical Operations, Medicaid ACE
VirtualHealth account teams feature seasoned technology, operations, and clinical experts whose overriding goal is to ensure client objectives and timelines are met.

By working in true partnership with client organizations, VirtualHealth implementation teams have succeeded against long odds and, to date, not missed one regulatory timeline or operational Go-Live date.
VirtualHealth is unique in providing each organization with a dedicated set of platform instances and supporting unlimited and time-effective customization.

VirtualHealth’s agile approach, bi-weekly release schedule, modular design, and proactive project management make it possible to deliver customized functionality and data interfaces with unparalleled speed and exceptional quality.
VirtualHealth takes on full responsibility for system and data hosting, administration, maintenance, and support, providing one of the most competitive SLAs in the industry.

Beyond baseline HIPAA and HITECH compliance, VirtualHealth provides multiple layers of security, redundancy, encryption, and real-time monitoring, ensuring complete reliability and continuous availability.
Say Good-Bye to Time and Materials…
Say Hello to One Low Monthly Fee.

Say farewell
to multi-million dollar implementation, integration, training, licensing, and transaction costs.

In a world of risk-averse vendors, choose a true partner that shares in the risk of implementationConnect with Us
VirtualHealth makes it possible to do data-driven, optimized care management…allowing us to deliver an unparalleled level of quality care to our members.”
– Senior Project Manager, Large Self-Insurer
Monthly Pricing
VirtualHealth Health charges a single low monthly price with a minimal per member per month (PMPM) component that is based on the organization’s own definition of success.

There are no upfront implementation costs or lockdown contracts. The pricing model is optimally aligned with value-based payment structures and provide organizations with the flexibility to grow.
No Hidden Fees
The founding team behind VirtualHealth spent considerable time on the client side and understands the importance of vendor transparency.

VirtualHealth does not charge any separate or undisclosed fees for user licenses, high data or transaction volumes, base training, project management, in-scope advisory, technical support, or the provision of a test environment.
Significant Savings
In conducting all-in price comparisons, organizations have found that selecting VirtualHealth provides a cost savings of 5 to 10 times over the term and up to 20 times over the implementation period.

In addition to its unique pricing structure, VirtualHealth provides unmatched comprehensiveness in terms of both product capabilities and implementation consulting.
Infrastructure That Evolves In Lockstep
with the Shifting Landscape

Keep pace with rapid changes in regulatory requirements, operational approaches, and care models by leveraging a platform that was engineered to evolve.

Meet regulatory requirements, drive efficiencies, and capture real financial savingsConnect with Us
“Refreshing to have software that molds to our needs rather than having to kludge together workaround after workaround. It’s a game-changer.”
– Senior Manager, Leading Health Plan
Modular Architecture
VirtualHealth designed its platform based on modular architecture rather than a monolithic design, meaning that changes to one feature do not impact all of the others.

This architecture provides for a more flexible, scalable, high performing, and streamlined product and ensures that the platform’s overall infrastructure is more testable, maintainable, and configurable.
Customizable Tools
In addition to delivering targeted customizations as part of implementation and support, VirtualHealth provides extensive and user-friendly controls to adjust rules, templates, and settings from within the platform.

VirtualHealth makes it possible for organizations to run operations in the way they deem fit rather than having to reformat operational approaches to work around technology limitations.
Rapid Delivery
VirtualHealth provides fully agile software delivery with bi-weekly releases, full cycle quality assurance, user feedback analysis, and sprint-based project management.

Typical turnaround times for new features and data integrations are two to four weeks as opposed to the multi-month or even multi-year cycles that characterize the industry.
Exceptional Outcomes with Complex Populations

Capture a significant return on investment by reducing costs of care, improving outcomes, eliminating workforce inefficiency, and boosting productivity.

Meet regulatory requirements, drive efficiencies, and capture real financial savingsConnect with Us
“ When we saw this platform we knew this was it…we had found the engine that was going to let us succeed with…one of the most challenging and vulnerable populations in the country.”
– President, Medicaid Health Plan
Purpose Built
VirtualHealth is the first truly comprehensive SaaS solution purpose built for value-based care and the unique challenges faced by organizations that take on risk.

As a result, organizations taking on value-based care models and using VirtualHealth as their healthcare IT platform have consistently and reliably reached or exceeded key growth and quality objectives.
Proven in the Field
VirtualHealth is used by thousands of multidisciplinary care staff in the office, in the field, in the home, and across multiple types and settings of care.

Organizations deploying the platform for complex populations have uniformly experienced significant program growth, improved health outcomes, strong quality metrics, financial success, and a perfect regulatory record.
Award Winning
VirtualHealth was nationally recognized by Healthcare Informatics and the American Business Association as a groundbreaking pioneer and leader in healthcare technology.

These awards were directly predicated on demonstrated performance with and feedback from organizations using VirtualHealth to support complex populations across both government and commercial programs.
head-to-head comparison
Choose the Clear Technology Leader

Independent analysis by leading research groups confirms VirtualHealth as the most comprehensive, customizable, and interoperable platform on the market.

A full end-to-end solution that towers above the myriad slice-of-pie alternativesConnect with Us
“I would say this is easily the most highly evolved care management system we have seen across the fifty states.”
– Executive Director, National Healthcare Audit Firm
Analysts emphasize that VirtualHealth provides far broader functionality and more extensive capabilities than any existing healthcare technology alternative.

In a head-to-head comparison across twelve dimensions of population health management VirtualHealth scored more than twice as high than the next closest competitor according to a leading healthcare accounting and audit firm.
Independent research indicates that VirtualHealth offers the most extensive support for organization-specific modification.

The modular architecture, customization-oriented service model, and bi-weekly releases offer a unique value proposition with Gartner explicitly praising VirtualHealth’s “modern application architecture, leading-edge design principles and emphasis on value-based care”.
Third party analysis highlights VirtualHealth’s connectivity and interoperability as uniquely compelling given the overall challenges of data integration in healthcare.

According to independent research, VirtualHealth’s “cross-source data integration” and “cross-format data support” are both at least 50% more flexible, scalable, and comprehensive than leading technology alternatives.