Empowering Accountability for Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)

Empowering Accountability for Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)

We understand the challenge of holding financial responsibility for a diverse patient population. We have been successfully solving this challenge for the country's largest health plans and their delegated entities for a decade. No other platform empowers ACOs to do more with less staff. Let us show you exactly how we make this possible!

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The Secrets of Care Management from the Industry Experts

The adjustment from provider to "payvider" is not easy. It requires new business and operating models, new regulatory and information challenges, and, critically, new infrastructure and technology. The HELIOS® platform offers a comprehensive solution that incorporates best practices perfected by the country's leading care management and coordination teams.

The Optimal Toolkit for Complex Populations

We bring population health insights together with disease management workflows, providing critical feedback loops that enable your workforce to drive improved patient outcomes. The ability to zoom effortlessly between cohorts and individuals has quickly progressed from aspiration to requirement for leading ACOs. We make this capability and so many others available at the click of a button.

The Secrets of Care Management from the Industry Experts

Perfect Workflows with Intelligent Process Automation

Our configurable workflows make it possible for ACOs to automate even the most complex clinical pathways. Discover how HELIOS® RPA can double your workforce productivity while eliminating human error and upleveling less experienced staff. Given the importance of competitive differentiation in the ACO market, let us take your process quality and operational excellence to a whole new level.

Clinically Advanced and Socially Determined

Clinically Advanced and Socially Determined

Incorporating social determinants of health (SDoH) has never been more important. We make it easy with pre-configured assessments, workflows, and care/service plans that give appropriate consideration to physical, behavioral, and social factors and ensure that high-risk and high complexity patients are proactively identified.

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Support Utilization Management Out-of-the-Box

Whether your ACO is looking to perform its own service authorizations or simply seeking a better integration point with health plan systems, we have you covered. HELIOS® offers the most intuitive, configurable, and up-to-date utilization management capability in the industry, including innovative features to ease the burden on providers.

Make the Quadruple Aim a Reality for Your ACO

We would love nothing more than to show you how the HELIOS® platform has made it possible for leading organizations to attain improved patient experiences, better outcomes, lower costs, and enhanced clinician satisfaction. Please reach out to us to learn more!

Customer Highlight: ICP

At ICP, we have a very specific vision for continuing to elevate the high-quality support we offer both our members and our care teams, and VirtualHealth has been instrumental in powering new efficiencies and data-driven workflows to achieve this vision. From day one of our implementation, the experts at VirtualHealth have demonstrated a keen understanding for the needs of our market and we are already seeing tremendous results from the partnership.

Karen Vanaskie, DNP, MSN, RN,
Chief Clinical Officer,
Innovation Care Partners